Holiday giveaway (and discover new sewing blogs)!

She Wears The Pants - cover

People, the holidays are upon us!  To celebrate the holiday season, in addition to the recent 4-year anniversary of this blog (yay!), I thought it might be fun to host a giveaway.  Up for grabs is a brand new copy of She Wears the Pants by Yuko Takada, a Japanese sewing book that was released in English earlier this year.  If you’ve been eyeing this book and didn’t pick up a copy earlier in the year, now’s your chance!

To say that I’ve had fun sewing projects from this book this year would be an understatement.  I made three pairs of Sarrouel Trousers, which you either loved or hated… mostly hated.  🙂  Although one was a muslin, I wore the two subsequent pairs a lot this summer and had a great time prancing around town in such unique and funky garments.  (Click on the photos below for the corresponding blog posts.)

Sarrouel Trousers muslin - finished

Sarrouel Trousers in floral rayon - finished

Sarrouel Trousers in Loominous - with hands in pockets

I also made a Velour Blouse, which sadly didn’t get a ton of wear due to my fabric choice.  This top really needs to be made in a knit (as the pattern recommends), and my woven version was a little too restrictive around the shoulders.  Like all patterns in the book though, the top is finished beautifully, inside and out.

Velour Blouse version 1 - finished project

I’ve included a photo of the Table of Contents below, along with a few of the finished garments from the book, so you can get an idea of what’s included.  There are a total of 19 sewing patterns (although 2 are repeats: the Square Top and Semi-flared Culottes) and 1 knitting pattern for a scarf/belt combo.  The original title of the book was “She Has a Mannish Style,” which I think suits the patterns well.  Are you a mannish type of gal?  I certainly am!

She Wears The Pants - table of content

She Wears The Pants - Square Top and Fleece Jacket

She Wears The Pants - Sarrouel Trousers and Striped Long Jacket She Wears The Pants - Dotted Blouse and Semi-flared Culottes She Wears The Pants - Tippets

She Wears The Pants - size chart

Note that the size chart is fairly small, typical of Japanese sewing books.  My measurements are 36″ bust, 29″ waist, 37″ hips, and I fit into the Size L nicely.  You may be able to grade up a bit, but use caution if you’d need to grade up more than a size or two.
She Wears The Pants - printed pattern pages

The book includes two large pattern sheets in an envelope on the inside back cover.  Fair warning, there is a lot of overlapping on these sheets.  There are signs along all 4 edges of the sheet pointing to the various pieces for each pattern, which I found to be really helpful in decoding the dizzying array of overlapping lines.

While the style of these patterns may not be for everyone, I found the patterns to be professionally drafted with some special details and designer touches.  The garments use interesting construction techniques and are beautifully finished.  I was pretty impressed with the book, and I am hard to impress.  🙂  I had some issues with the instructions for assembling the pockets on the Sarrouel Trousers, but overall I thought the book was a good value for the money, especially compared to the overwhelming array of sewing books geared toward complete beginners that are heavy on fluff and light on technical content.

Giveaway Rules

All right, on to the giveaway!  🙂

First things first, I am hosting this giveaway of my own accord.  This post is not sponsored, and no one asked me to do this.  There are no affiliate links in this post.  I purchased this book with my own money after seeing a copy on the shelf at my local independent bookstore.  Since I will also be paying for the shipping myself, this giveaway is open to shipping addresses in the continental United States only.  Consider it a holiday gift from me to you, simple as that!

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post.  Some suggestions for what to share:

  • What are you sewing for the holidays this year?
  • What sewing projects are on deck for the new year?
  • How many pairs of dropped-crotch shorts do you think I’ll sew in the new year??  🙂

The giveaway will be open through 11:59 pm EST on January 1, 2016.  So, you have lots of time to enter!  The winner will be chosen via random number generator, and I’ll announce the winner on Monday, January 4, 2016.

Discover New Sewing Blogs!

Since a giveaway is a great time for lurkers to de-lurk, I hope the comments on this post will be a great resource for discovering new-to-me (and new-to-you) sewing blogs.  Lurkers, I want to meet you!  🙂  I think all sewists would agree that we love to discover new blogs, meet new sewing friends, and stalk their sewing progress.

In particular, if you have a new or small sewing blog, don’t forget to leave a link to your site and your first name (so we can say hi).  Don’t be shy!  I’m nosy and like to meet new people.  🙂

Please note: You do not need to have a blog to enter the giveaway, and you can also leave a comment sharing your blog even if you don’t want to enter the giveaway or don’t have a US shipping address (just let me know in the comment).  If you don’t have a blog and want to link to your Instagram or other social media site, that’s cool too.  The point is to introduce yourself and share your sewing projects.

Happy Holidays and good luck!

Wishing you all a joyful and relaxing holiday season, from my home to yours.  Here’s to another great year of sewing!

16 thoughts on “Holiday giveaway (and discover new sewing blogs)!

  1. I enjoy reading your blog, as well as several others. I admit I am a lurker. I have gained a lot of knowledge and sewing inspiration, and enjoy seeing what others are sewing. My recent makes include a lightweight housecoat for my mom, a dress for my favorite little girl, and a very comfy knit cowl neck shirt for myself. I am currently working on my winter coat. It may be finished for next winter. : )


  2. Hi Carolyn! As a longtime lurker, let me throw my hat into the ring. I’ve never tried one of these new-fangled Japanese sewing books, but this one looks interesting and pretty darn practical to me. I might even try a pair of those sourels. Heck, I live in Santa Cruz, CA, so I can get away with wearing pretty much anything!


  3. I don’t want to participate in the giveaway (since I already have the book – I think I found and followed your blog by searching for projects from the book) but I’ll still introduce myself! I’m Jen and I recently started blogging at

    I’m visiting family for a few weeks so I’m working on a few knitting projects, much more portable than sewing. But when I get back in January, I have all types of projects planned: quilts, shirts, bras, and a hockey jersey.


  4. Hello! How fun to host this give away, great idea and thank you. I have been a bit of a light sewer in the past few months, but boy have I made a huge come back this week. Christmas has me all jazzed up, I’ve completed a blanket, 2 pairs of kid pj’s, 6 Christmas bags with odd little soft toys to put inside….now the question should I take a break or keep busting my fabric stash. 🙂
    I admit you projects are making me consider if its time to focus on my own clothes and wardrobe, maybe it will be a new year resolution. Happy Holidays
    Laura a MayRoseSewing


  5. Lately I’ve been sewing lots of knit basics, like t-shirts and underwear for myself and my kids. Jeans and t-shirts are things I never would have thought I’d sew, but now that I have some that actually fit, I can’t go back to ready-to-wear. I did make a crushed velour burgundy long sleeved tee for the holidays, using the Grainline Lark tee pattern. I can wear it to dress up a little, but still be comfortable and warm. Please don’t enter me in your contest – I’m sure someone else would appreciate the book more than I would. It’s not quite my style, and I’m off the size chart anyway.

    You got me thinking I should do a giveaway on my blog, too. I’ve designed several different patterns to make miniature dress forms, and I’m giving away a set of all of them here:
    Happy Holidays


  6. I’d say I’m probably a stalker not a lurker, lol!!! Especially of your Archers! Don’t throw me in the hat…..I’m too big and too far away!! But I’m slowly shrinking so one day I might even try those strange looking pants!
    Happy Holidays to you and yours! 🎉🌲🎉


  7. I’ve always wanted to try out one of these books, so throw my name in the hat! My sewing list is so very long right now, but I think I’ll be making a plaid coat for one of my kiddos over Christmas break. It’ll be a mini-tailoring project, and I’m so looking forward to it! Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing holiday!


  8. Well, I will be sticking to basics this coming year. They are desperately needed, since I’ve been a little lazy and my day-to-day wardrobe is approaching rag territory. In my defense, I’m learning to knit and am 1/3 of the way through an organic cotton neck scarf. I fantasize about knitting a real sweater in the future.

    Thank you for this generous giveaway. I would love this book – it’s right up my alley for the kinds of clothes I wear.

    PS I thought of you the other day, because I saw a girl by the grocery store wearing the drop-crotch pants. They were made of some kind of drapey rayon and she looked fantastic!
    🙂 Chris


  9. I won’t participate in the giveaway because I’d need to grade up quite a bit for anything from the book to fit me, but I do love more people to chat with about sewing, so I thought I’d share my small blog: It’s been a bit sparse lately because I’m a graduate student (congrats to you on no longer being one!) and I also teach, and the combination of the two nearly did me last semester. I did finally get something posted today, though!


  10. Not entering as too far away! I loved your trousers though! I had plans for a Christmas dress which didn’t work out – one hideous muslin later! Waiting until New year now with plans for hoodies and knit fabrics! Happy holidays!


  11. I would love this book! Japanese sewing books are full of inspiration and simple designs. My holiday sewing included pajamas for all the grandkids and table linens for my daughter. Now that the holidays are over, I am looking to tackle my fabric stash and make myself some new duds!


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