Carolyn sews the Carolyn Pajamas – update

Carolyn Pajamas in progress - front

Remember when I started this project?  Apparently it was back in August!  I had no idea that my sewing would take such a long hiatus while my work situation transitioned, but I’m happy to report that I seem to be getting back into the swing of things.  Case in point: more progress on this long-neglected project!

The pattern is, of course, the Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Files.  After making a muslin of both the shirt and pants, I finally cut into my flannel.  I’m using Robert Kaufman Shetland Flannel in navy herringbone with accents of maroon flannel for the piping.  In hindsight, using flannel for the piping wasn’t such a great idea.  The flannel is pretty thick, and there are just too many layers where the piping is inserted.  Lesson learned for next time.  I really like the look of the contrast piping though, particularly since I opted not to use cording.  The piping is just single-fold bias tape, inserted flat.

Carolyn Pajamas in progress - pant cuffs

At this point, the pants are complete, and the shirt is in progress.  The collar and lapels took forever to get just right – they were a challenge!  I like challenging projects though, and I enjoyed taking my time with it.  You know I sew at a glacial pace.  🙂  Since I very rarely get any sewing done during the week, I expect to finish these PJs next weekend.

In other news, I’ve been struggling to get good photos lately.  I’m in-between cameras and have been using a little point-and-shoot, which simply isn’t up to the job of taking close-up, indoor blog photos.  I took a ton of shots, and these two were the *least* blurry… but still pretty blurry!  Ugh.  Good cameras are expensive though, and it may be a while before I can save enough pennies to replace my old one.  Please bear with me until then.

Camera issues aside, I’m so glad to be back to sewing!  I’m excited to finish these fancy PJs and get cracking on John’s set.  Remember how I’m making matching PJs for us??  Hahaha, this is going to be awesome.  🙂  Any recommendations for a good men’s PJ pattern?

18 thoughts on “Carolyn sews the Carolyn Pajamas – update

  1. you have done a great job with the lapel and piping, so neat and professional!! I like the piping effect and have ment to use it long time now but i just haven’t done it yet, i belive you have to be supper careful while sewing to get it so neat right?


    • Thanks Aida! The piping does require a bit of concentration and slow sewing to get right, especially at the notch of the collar in this pattern. With that said, it’s totally do-able! I like to say that nothing in sewing is difficult if you take it step by step.


  2. They look so gorgeous!! It really looks bespoke and professional and I can only imagine how soft that flannel is.
    :,( getting good pictures indoors is a nightmare with a ridiculously expensive camera/lens. Surprisingly my mums iphone is a champion at getting me good indoor pictures but I do still have to takes loads to get one good one. Have you got one to try?


    • Thanks Meg! The flannel is really soft and substantial, definitely an improvement from the kind you can get at big box stores. I don’t have an iPhone to try out (I still have an old flip phone and am holding out!), but I feel your pain about indoor photos. My old camera did a nice job, so hopefully its replacement will be just as good.


  3. Carolyn, superb sewing! Don’t you just love sewing with flannel? I sure do, I find it to be so cooperative, satisfying and cosy to wear :D. Have you looked at Simplicity 1504 for men’s pajamas? I bought it recently to sew the pj pants from for my hubby — it includes piping details which make it appear very similar to the Carolyn Pajamas.


    • Thanks Ginny! Yes, I love sewing with flannel! This is my first time actually, and it’s wonderful to work with. I kind of want to make an entire wardrobe out of flannel now. 🙂 Thanks for the pattern recommendation too – it looks perfect!


  4. Oh, these are looking so great! The piping on the collar looks just perfect. I am sure that took a lot of time to get it right but it was so worth it. Good luck with the camera situation. I use a point and shoot camera. It does OK for outdoor photos but it does a terrible job with indoor photos. My winter blog photos are generally pretty bad– it’s hard to talk my photographer to going outside when it’s freezing!


    • Thanks Teri! I really love the piping too. I’m not sure I would use much of it on a garment to be worn outside, but I just love it for pajamas! Getting good blog photos can be such a challenge. Honestly, it’s my least favorite part of blogging. I wish good photos would just magically appear! 🙂


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