Video sewing update: Carolyn Pajamas pants muslin

What’s a girl to do with a newly-issued PhD, a few weeks off from work, and 8 yards of glorious flannel?  Get sewing, of course!!  I started working on the Closet Case Carolyn Pajamas a few weeks ago (before the infamous #diapershorts Version 2.0 incident), and now I’m back to working on them with renewed excitement.  Since I don’t have finished pajamas to show you just yet, I put together a video sewing update as a fun way to share my work-in-progress.

The 5-minute video features a completed muslin of the pajama pants, including – gasp – me modeling the pants in the video!  The video quality is not the greatest since my recording and editing skills leave a lot to be desired, but hopefully it’s a fun and informative way of checking out the fit of the pattern “in person.”  Plus, you can once again enjoy my nasal voice and American accent.  🙂

I sewed a straight size 10 of the pajama pants, which corresponds well to my current measurements.  The fabric is a mystery cotton blend from JoAnn’s that I picked up over 10 years ago, long forgotten until my recent apartment move.  Hooray for muslin fabric that I never knew I had!  You’ll see in the video that the pants fit well with NO alterations, which is extremely rare for me.  How delightful!

You can view the video directly on YouTube here.  Oh, and I when I say that the pants weren’t too long for me, I meant that they weren’t too short (as patterns usually are for me) – oops!

To get a better look at the Shetland flannel, you can check out the navy herringbone here and the maroon here.  I wonder if I’ll actually use all 8 yards of fabric.  If I have some left over after making pajamas for John and me, maybe I can make a matching garment for my cat.  🙂  The trick would be getting her to actually wear it, LOL!  I think there’s a better chance of me getting another PhD!!

To check out my previous video sewing updates, visit their original blog posts (Vlog 1 | Vlog 2) or simply visit my YouTube channel.  (I can’t believe I simultaneously own a flip phone and a YouTube channel.  Something is wrong here!)

I hope you’re all having a great week.  What’s on your sewing table these days?

19 thoughts on “Video sewing update: Carolyn Pajamas pants muslin

  1. That was so fun! Somehow I missed the fact that you had videos. I liked the vlog update! You did a great job. I just ordered some Laguna jersey since it seems that you like that one. The more Robert Kaufman fabric I try, the more I like it. Good luck with your pajamas!


    • Thanks Lisa! I’ve only done a handful of them, but they’re fun to make every once in a while, especially when I don’t have a finished garment to share. I totally agree about Robert Kaufman fabric – the quality is great every single time. I hope you like the Laguna jersey! It’s comfortable to wear, has a good amount of stretch and recovery, and holds up well after many, many washes.

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  2. Well that was just the cutest darn thing! PJs are in my list of upcoming projects; I share that long, cold winter with you, so flannel is a must, and I will have check into Robert Kaufman – not sure who carries it here. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Those pj’s are going to be awesome! So adorable that you’ll be making a matching set. 🙂 I do hope to make some pj’s myself for this winter so I don’t keep wearing my nice long sleeve t’s to bed. They require sooo much fabric though that I keep putting it off!


    • Thanks Lisa! Hahaha exactly – a full set of PJs is kind of a big project! I have the same problem – I keep wearing my nice t-shirts to bed because my old RTW PJs are pretty much worn out at this point. Time to make something nice to sleep in. I hope you make some too!


  4. Your pajamas are going to be awesome! I used some of that navy herringbone flannel for a poncho I made my cousin last winter. It is such a wonderful, soft fabric. You will probably never want to take them off — especially if this winter is anything like what you had last year!! I think matching pjs is a really fun idea. I’m excited to see them once you finish.


    • Thanks Teri! I remember you using this flannel last year and saying that you liked it. I get so many great fabric recommendations from you! I have officially blocked last winter out of my memory so have no idea what you’re referring to. 🙂


  5. Carolyn, first of aal, congratulation with your academic achievement. I think you should know this about the drafted sleeves in Carolyn Pajama. I also think your method to get square shoulders in the pattern causes a too long armscye. The classic alteration is made like here. Being a researcher you should give it a thought. Carmen in the Netherlands.


    • Carmen, thanks for such detailed information! I wish I had more technical training in pattern drafting and will have to settle for absorbing as much as I can from blogs like yours. 🙂 To clarify, the alteration I did for my Carolyn shirt was specifically to lengthen the armscye, not necessarily for square shoulders. I often find that armscyes are too shallow for me and cut into my armpits, so I specifically wanted to give myself more room here. With that said, I was just improvising, so I’m not surprised that the “classic” alteration is different!


  6. Congratulations on your Phd, that must feel great. And I love the pjs, that definitely looks like a wearable muslin. Can’t wait yo see what you got up to on you week of knitting. What a great way to unwind after all your hard work.


  7. nice to hear your voice Carolyn, I hadn’t seen your past vlogs, i really like them and find them very intersting. looking foward to see you knitting project and off course the pajamaw when you make them!! take care!!


    • Thanks Aida! I think the occasional vlog is so fun and makes the person behind the blog much more human. We are all real people after all, right? 🙂 I still haven’t finished my pajamas but will be sure to post them when I do.


  8. Somehow making my own pyjamas has been on my to-do list for ages but I still forget to make one! Stumbling upon your vlog reminded me of that (thank you!) so I probably get going now before I forget (again!).


    • Oh great, I hope you make some, Kayla! I always wind up wearing old, ratty clothes as PJs, but it will be nice to have some luxurious ones for a change. It’s a little gift you can give yourself. 🙂


  9. I know this is an old post, but I just had to comment, you look so pretty in the vlog … Your blog pictures don’t do you justice … So pretty and you come across as very warm and friendly … I hope that’s not weird lol I wasn’t going to comment but I figured anyone would have loved a compliment 🙂

    I was searching for the Carolyn pajamas because I made one for my mum, had to unpick so many things and the collar and facing somehow doesn’t look neat from the inside (where it meets the shoulder seams) but yours actually look so nice and neat. I read the instruction and read the notched collar blog post on Heather Lou’s blog and yet I still have no idea how yours can come up so neat …


    • Jess, thank you for the kind words! I always enjoy when other bloggers post videos because you really get a better sense of their personality. A few months ago a random stranger on the street told me that I look like a “happy lady,” so I like to think that I do come off as a friendly person. 🙂

      As for the Carolyn PJs collar/facing situation, I found that I had to do some creative improvisation to get everything neatly finished. I finished the shoulder seam before securing the facing (a step which, if I recall correctly, is omitted from the instructions), and then I just folded down the seam allowance of the facing and tried to match up the folded edge with the shoulder seam before topstitching it down. The entire collar/lapel/facing assembly is a little fiddly on this pattern, but I guess the goal was to avoid a back neck facing, which is a plus in my book.


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