My minimalist rooftop sewing space

Sewing room - looking inside

Just a quick post today to share some photos of my new rooftop sewing space!  I showed you my previous sewing studio in my old apartment a few months ago, and this new space is where all my sewing stuff wound up after I moved into my boyfriend’s condo in May.  I have to admit, it was quite an upgrade!  🙂  The biggest improvement was the abundance of natural light in the new space.  This room comprises the top floor of the condo, complete with a skylight and lots of windows.  It’s a pleasure to sew in such a sunny location.

The space consists of my sewing table, ironing board, and cutting table, all arranged around a rotating chair so that I have easy access to all 3 stations from a central location.  When I’m not using the space, the ironing board and cutting table get folded up and put away.  My desk and laptop also reside in this space, and the desk is easy to access when the ironing board is not in use.

Sewing room - looking outsideThe room looks out onto the rooftop deck, which is where I’ve been taking most of my blog photos lately.  It’s wonderful to have so much light coming in from the windows, not to mention a sunny oasis just steps away!  Since this room also serves as our guest bedroom, there’s a futon along one wall that folds out for overnight guests.  Above the futon is a small portion of John’s huge book collection.  In the back corner is a tall lamp for sewing at night, which I supplement with a desk lamp that didn’t make it into these photos.  Between the two lamps, the room gets nice and bright even when the sun goes down.

One thing that this room lacks is storage, but thankfully my grad student salary means that I don’t really have much to store!  Regular readers of this blog will know that I don’t have a stash (the horror!).  I typically buy supplies for one project at a time, with the occasional purchase of 2-4 pieces of fabric if I come across something good.  Any uncut fabric resides in a small cabinet in the bedroom, along with a bin in which I keep all my patterns and rulers.  That’s it!

If you’re wondering what that plaid fabric is on my cutting table, it’s another pair of Sarrouel Trousers, aka #diapershorts.  Yup, you read that right.  🙂  More to come on that once I finish sewing them up!

I hope you enjoyed this quick view of my minimalist but very functional sewing space.  I’ve been really enjoying it and feel very fortunate to have made the upgrade!  🙂

25 thoughts on “My minimalist rooftop sewing space

  1. I would swap my stash for your sewing room any day! You’re gonna have a queue of sewing bloggers wanting to be put up in your sewing/guest room. I’ll be at the front of it! 😃


  2. What an amazing sewing space! We recently moved houses and I now have a spot by a massive window in the sitting room. I couldn’t be happier, as natural light makes such a difference… I now need to unpack my machine and get going!


    • Thanks Vaire, and congrats on your new, sunny sewing space as well! I couldn’t agree more – the natural light makes a world of difference, both in the ability to see details and the mood of the space. Get your machine out already! 🙂


  3. Light!!! It’s gorgeous. I’m a tad horrified by the lack of stash, but don’t worry, all things in good time 😉 First, open space to work in, clearly a must, and when it comes with a view, all the better. Only probably, when all your sewing friends come over, we’ll have to learn how to convert from bed to sewing superfast 😉


  4. What a bright, lovely space! Very inspiring……..and yes I can see those “diapershorts” on the cutting table. I’m guessing the mug on table contains some coffee? I can’t sew or anything else without it!


  5. What a beautiful space to sew! Wonderful light and a view outdoors! I can’t wait to see the Sarrouel trousers made up- love that stripe! I don’t have a stash either, I buy for each project too, but I’m very jealous of your studio!


    • Ah, interesting! I didn’t know you don’t have a stash either – glad to know I’m not the only one! 🙂 I feel very fortunate to have this new, bright sewing space. It’s been wonderful to sew with so much light in a (mostly) dedicated space.


  6. Such a beautiful space to create in! The lighting is wonderful. I’m much like you and don’t really stash fabric. I have a few pieces (maybe 5-6?) that are unused, but that’s about it. I do tend to buy for several projects at a time, but I start to feel overwhelmed when there’s a backlog of too many pieces!


    • Thanks Lisa! I totally agree about feeling overwhelmed with too much unsewn fabric. I even start to feel this way when I pick up just 2 or 3 pieces. Plus I like the idea of buying fabric with a specific project in mind for it. That way I know I have exactly what I need.


  7. That looks like a really nice room to sew in. Good light makes such a difference. For a couple of months I’ve now had a separate cutting table and it makes sewing so much more efficient than having to use the table that already has the sewing machine on it.
    Hmm, no stash. What I like about having one is that I can start sewing immediately when the thought hits me. That does occasionally happen. Right now I should probably have that more often though, since it’s getting somewhat out of hand. I seem to compensate a lack of sewing time with dreaming about new projects and ordering more fabric…


    • Haha! I definitely have that problem when I want to start sewing **right now** and don’t have a pattern or fabric ready to go. I try to compensate by planning the next project while I’m still working on the present one, but I’m not always very successful at it. Glad to hear you now have a separate cutting table. A big table is essential, I think!


  8. Hi! I stumbled onto your blog while looking up princess seams, and I spent the next hour going through all your posts. Your blog is well written and seems to really reflect your personality. I love the pictures of what went wrong, it reminds me of some of the mistakes I have made. You always look great in your photos, and seem like you are having a good time. (mostly) I will definitely be following your blog!


    • Hi Vinessa, and thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments! I always like to be honest about sewing projects that didn’t go as planned, and I try not to get too upset about it or take myself too seriously. Sewing is supposed to be fun. 🙂


  9. The first thing I noticed when I started reading your post was that amazing plaid fabric! I could tell right away what you were making from it– I think that’s the perfect fabric choice. I have serious envy when I see your lovely, well lit sewing area! Enjoy it!


    • Thanks Teri! This sewing space was such a wonderful upgrade from my previous space, mostly due to all the light. It was so cool to see your space earlier this week too. It’s wonderful that you can keep an eye on the kids and sew at the same time. Now that’s multi-tasking!


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