Altered pink cowl-neck top

Pink cowl-neck top - finished narrow   Pink cowl-neck top - altered front

Remember my wrinkly pink top with the not-so-drapey cowl from last week?  I decided to chop off 3 inches from the hem to reduce the wrinkles around the midsection and help the top hang a little more smoothly.  The original top is on the left, and the altered (shorter) version is on the right.  What do you think?  Did I save this top or just make it worse??

Pink cowl-neck top - back narrow   Pink cowl-neck top - altered back

I’m happier with how the top looks in the shorter version, but honestly, it feels a little too short during wear.  When I lift my arms up, my midriff is on display!  Definitely not ok for wearing to work, and I certainly won’t be able to wear this top with jeans.  With a skirt that sits close to my natural waist, like the one I’m wearing here, I think I can *just* get away with it.

As a test run, I wore this outfit to work one day last week, and everything went ok.  No wardrobe malfunctions to report, thankfully!  I hope I wind up wearing this top a few more times before the summer is over.  The bright pink color is too fun to waste.  🙂

I spent this past weekend hacking my Renfrew pattern even more and will have another top to share later in the week.  I’m sewing my way through 3 knits that I picked up on a recent day trip to Portland, Maine.  I believe it is a federal offense not to purchase fabric while on vacation, right??  🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, whether you’re melting in the summer heat or in the midst of a polar vortex!

15 thoughts on “Altered pink cowl-neck top

  1. I think it looks good! I’m a big fan of altering finished projects though, because there’s always a chance you could make them better! (OR ruin them, but you haven’t.) I”m curious to see what your next Renfrew mod is! 🙂


    • Thanks Gillian! I agree – if a project doesn’t come out the way I intended *and* I think I can fix it, I might as well try! This top wasn’t a roaring success, but I certainly learned a few lessons along the way.


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