Updates to the Tulip Quilt free pattern

Tulip Quilt by Allspice Abounds - one row of tulips

It’s been about 3 months since I posted my Tulip Quilt free pattern, and it’s about time for a few updates!  Here’s what’s new:

  • Updated photos featuring more natural light.  I’ve been meaning to do this ever since I moved into a sunnier house.
  • A few minor updates to the text of the pattern, most notably updating the embroidery instructions to include French knots for the bird eyes, which I had forgotten to include the first time around.

You can download your updated, free copy of the pattern on the dedicated Tulip Quilt page or on Craftsy.

Tulip Quilt by Allspice Abounds - bird detail

To my great surprise, this pattern has been downloaded nearly 3,000 times!  I cannot tell you how utterly shocked and delighted I am by this.  I have no idea what’s typical for a free quilting pattern, and it’s not like I’m making any money at all from these downloads, but I’m quite happy with its progress.  Thank you!

Even more exciting, two finished quilts inspired by the pattern have been posted to the pattern’s Craftsy page.  Seeing each one pop up over the last few weeks has absolutely made my day.  I love how each quilter put her own creative spin on the pattern and created a truly unique piece.

Tulip Quilt by Allspice Abounds - cover image

If you’ve made a quilt using or inspired by the pattern, you can add your photos to the Flickr group, upload your project to Craftsy, or send me a link or email.  I’d absolutely love to see what you’ve made.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Updates to the Tulip Quilt free pattern

    • I know, right???? I guess there are a lot of quilters out there! The new house is great – lots of sunshine, and my boyfriend and I haven’t killed each other yet. 🙂


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