Me-Made-May 2015: How did I do?

Me Made May 15

It’s the end of another great Me-Made-May, and you know what that means… time for another installment of my nerdy charts!  I was an official participant this year but knew that taking daily outfit photographs wasn’t something I wanted to commit to, so instead I kept a little MMM journal and wrote down what I wore each day.  Lucky for you, all this outfit “data” has now been converted into glorious charts of sewing nerdery.  Yay!

As a reminder, I pledged to be mindful of my handmade wardrobe each day and to keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Write down what I wear each day, including all handmade garments and accessories.
  • Consciously think about wearing at least one handmade garment each day.  I asked myself each morning, “What handmade items can I wear today?”
  • If I didn’t feel like wearing anything handmade, I didn’t force myself.
  • As the month went on, I tried to wear handmade garments that hadn’t been worn earlier in the month.

Now, let’s see how I did!

Chart 1 - Number of handmade items worn per day

Of the 31 days in May, I wore at least one handmade garment (exclusive of undergarments) on 26 days.  On 11 of those days, I wore 2 or more handmade garments!  This usually consisted of a top and skirt or a top and jacket.  On 5 days this month, I didn’t wear any handmade garments.  I’m proud to say that only 1 of those days was a work day where I just didn’t get my act together in the morning.  The other 4 days were directly related to my apartment move where I was getting dirty and carrying boxes all day, and all of those days were on weekends.  Taking the move into account, I’m pretty happy with my performance.  🙂

Chart 2 - Types of handmade garments worn

I mostly wore handmade tops throughout the month, which isn’t surprising since the majority of my handmade items are tops (Archers and Renfrews).  I did make a conscious effort to wear skirts and dresses though, and I succeeded on 14 days out of the month, which I think is great!  The weather this month was all over the place, so I managed to wear both winter skirts/dresses (with tights) and summer skirts/dresses (without tights).  The variety of options available to me was a big help in getting me to wear these garments.  I only wore handmade pants (my Alpi Chinos) 1 day during the month, mostly because it was almost always too warm to wear them.  The jackets consisted of my polka dot and summer blazers, which I wore on cooler days.
Chart 3 - Age of handmade garments worn

This year I decided to try something new – track the year each handmade garment was sewn to see if I was still wearing my older pieces or not.  The results aren’t too bad!  I started sewing garments in 2012, and not surprisingly, my first few garments from that year aren’t wearable anymore.  There was definitely a trend of wearing more new garments (14 garments from 2015, including repeats… even though the year isn’t even halfway over yet!) vs. only 11 from 2013, but I was happy to see that I was indeed reaching deep into my closet to pull out and enjoy some of my older items.  Notable “oldies but goodies” include my turquoise and yellow dress and my bright happy dress, each of which got worn once during the month.
Chart 4 - Glorious days of handmade undiesI think the title of this last chart says it all: wearing my handmade undies is glorious!  I wore them on 30 days out of the month, the only exception being one day when I wore a somewhat translucent white skirt and needed nude-colored undergarments.  Here’s where MMM really shines: highlighting gaps in our handmade wardrobes.  Clearly I need some handmade undies to wear with white clothing!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I didn’t find it difficult to wear handmade garments each day, as I wear something handmade almost everyday anyway.  However, MMM was a great way to encourage me to wear more skirts and dresses, wear some of my older garments, and come up with creative ways to mix and match my handmade items.  I think the true spirit of MMM definitely came though: wearing and loving the clothing you put so much time and effort into creating!

Many thanks to Zoe for hosting the challenge again this year, and congratulations to all the participants!  I had a lot of fun with it, and I hope you did as well.

Now, who’s off to wear those favorite RTW garments that got ignored all month??  🙂

12 thoughts on “Me-Made-May 2015: How did I do?

  1. Great post! I love the charts!! They are so interesting, that I kind of want to try that some year. 😉 So, if you count your handmade undergarments as a garment, did you actually wear something you made every day (or every day minus one)? Because if you did, I think that should be noted! Nice wrap-up.


    • Oops! I sort of wish I had– I think tops dominated my hand mades and I have a lot more knit tops than I realized. Perfect for my current lifestyle! Congrats on another fun Me Made May!


      • Thanks Teri! I totally agree – you can never have too many knit tops. They’re so wearable and easy to throw on in the morning without any fuss. My challenge is to introduce some pattern variety into my knit tops – something you’ve managed to do very well! I love all the different patterns you’ve tried.


  2. I love your nerdy charts! Not as much as your Archers!
    What a great idea to document everything like that. I might try and do that another month, but before next May – I’d learn more about my me-made wardrobe that just looking at the photographs.


    • Haha, thanks Ali! The charts are a fun way for me to participate without having to take on the task of daily photos. It’s interesting to look at what I actually wear vs. what sits in the closet, which I guess is what MMM is all about! I’ll be curious to see your charts if you try it sometime. 🙂


  3. I have massive chart envy 🙂

    I really like that you were able to track the age of your garments too. Really neat. Speaking of which, your Finished Project Gallery is amazing! Is it like a wordpress plugin? You gotta spill the beans!

    You’ve convinced me. I need to get on the me-made undies train 🙂


    • The Finished Project Gallery is a series of “galleries” in WordPress. Totally do-able! Each of my categories – garments, home, knitting, etc. – is its own gallery. When you’re composing a post or page, go to “add media” (as if you were inserting a photo into your post), and then “create gallery” in the upper left corner. Then you can select images from your media library, re-order them, add captions, etc. There are some settings on the right side of the gallery editor where you can choose how big you want the images to be, how they’re tiled, etc. Let me know if you can’t get it to work!

      And yeah, me-made undies are the bomb! 🙂


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