Floral voile Archer: sneak peeks

Floral Archer in progress - under collar

I think shirtmaking is my absolute favorite type of sewing.  I find so much peace and satisfaction in all the precision and details, and I love the endless possibilities for customization.  Also, there’s nothing like wearing a crisp button-down shirt, especially one that’s light and airy on a warm summer day.  I suspect this shirt will get a lot of wear once the weather warms up, and I can almost feel the warm breeze of the harbor on my face…. almost.  It’s still snowing around here.  🙂

Floral Archer in progress - sleeve placket

This weekend I indulged in some super-slow sewing — my favorite way to sew.  Tower plackets, collars and collar stands, grosgrain ribbon along the button band.  Lots of precision topstitching.  A handful of pointy corners.  Does it get any better than this?

Floral Archer in progress - collar

The combination of this floral voile and striped shirting is divine, and I’ve been enjoying the feel of the light and soft fabrics against my fingertips.  I tried to minimize the use of interfacing on this shirt to maintain the light feel, but I did use some lightweight fusible in the collar.  A floppy collar is too sad a thought to bear!Floral Archer in progress - sleeve cuffI keep petting my creation-in-progress as I walk by, admiring my work and imagining all the summer adventures I’ll have in this shirt.  At least the sun was out today — a promise of warmer days to come.  I’ll be ready with a new shirt when spring decides to finally show its face.

Until then, I’ll remain chained at the hip to my puffer coat.  At least my prison is warm and fluffy.  🙂

35 thoughts on “Floral voile Archer: sneak peeks

  1. This is so beautiful – and your topstitching is amazingly neat! I still haven’t got my topstitching as neat as I would like – I am thinking of investing in a new foot to help with this. Hope you get some spring weather soon – it’s finally starting to warm up here!



    • Thanks Louise, and I’m so glad to hear it’s warming up by you! Finally! I’ve been using my walking foot for almost everything on this shirt, including the topstitching. My particular walking foot (the Bernina one) has a wide sole plate with a lot of little grooves in it, which are actually perfect for aligning edges at various widths. I also sew *really* slowly when topstitching. I’ve heard rave reviews of edgestitching feet – have you tried one?


    • Thanks Kathy! My shirtmaking skills get a little better with each shirt I make, although as you’ll see when I post the finished shirt, the fit is still a little off. I did some experimental fit adjustments and am not sure they really worked out!


    • Thanks Kaitlyn! The fabric combination was totally inspired by sewing bloggers. I’ve seen some lovely Sewaholic Granville shirts lately (including Tasia’s gorgeous Liberty version that she’s been using for the tutorials) and combined some elements I liked. I hope you give shirtmaking a try – I find it to be really enjoyable!


    • Haha, thanks. I sew *really* slowly and hunch over so that my eyes are just a few inches away from the needle. It’s probably bad for my back, but the stitching does come out nicely, LOL!


  2. Wow. I love the fabric combinations. It’s the perfect shirt to get ready for spring with. You’re tempting me to go back to giving shirtmaking a try. I think I still have a partially finished muslin in my closet. 🙂


    • Thanks Lisa! I guess we’re even now, because all your great swimsuits have been getting me thinking about giving it a try myself. The season is quickly approaching (hopefully)!


    • Thank you for the kind words, Barb! I think sewing is a skill that anyone can pick up and excel at – it just takes lots of practice. I’m enjoying the learning process immensely. 🙂


    • Thanks Emmely! Shirtmaking is definitely a skill that keeps getting refined with more and more practice. The tower plackets are still a little mysterious to me and I always need the tutorial in front of me, but I’m getting faster at sewing them.


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