A Big List of Welt Pocket Tutorials

A big list of welt pocket tutorials by Allspice Abounds

After sewing my first welt pockets, I found myself ravenously blood-thirsty for MOAR KNOWLEDGE on this absolutely fascinating subject.  It turns out that Googling “welt pocket tutorial” results not only in a ton of tutorials, but a never-ending rabbit hole of welt pocket awesomeness.  There are SO many tutorials and SO many different techniques.  If one were a crazy sewing lady, one might find oneself in welt pocket heaven.  Just a warning.  🙂

Anyway, I found myself mentally classifying all the tutorials I came across into various categories based on technique, and it soon became too much for my poor little brain to handle.  Then I started writing it all down in a big list.  Then I thought, maybe some other crazy sewing ladies (and dudes?) might also enjoy a categorized list of glorious welt pocket goodness.  You see where this is going…

Allow me to humbly present:

A Big List of Welt Pocket Tutorials!

Single welts, double welts, zippered welts, welts with flaps, the works!

A few disclaimers: I haven’t tested out any of these tutorials.  I didn’t include video tutorials.  There are WAY MORE welt pocket tutorials out there!  I got wiped out and stopped after about 50 Google hits.

With that said, enjoy!  🙂

Single welt pocket with folded welt

Single welt pocket with separate welt

Double welt pocket (aka bound pocket) with folded welt

Double welt pocket with separate welts

All-in-one welt pocket (single- or double-welt)

Zippered welt pockets

Welt pockets on seam lines

Decorative and faux welt pockets

Bonus pocket compilation

Final thoughts

I hope you find this compilation useful, and more importantly, I hope you sew some fabulous welt pockets!  If you have a favorite welt pocket tutorial that I haven’t mentioned here (and wow, there are so many of them), feel free to leave a link in the comments so we can all read and enjoy.  Happy sewing!

29 thoughts on “A Big List of Welt Pocket Tutorials

  1. Awesome! Thank you! And your ramblings aren’t actually ramblings. They are a mix of interesting comments about you, your sewing and your experiences, with plenty of good, solid, practical information included. Which is why your blog is in my news feed and so many others are not. 🙂


    • Thank you for the very kind comments! It’s great to see another male sewist/knitter around – we need more of them! Best of luck as you dive into the wonderful world of sewing. 🙂


    • They’re totally doable! Just go slowly and follow the directions. I think welt pockets are one of the few things in sewing where accurate stitching *really* matters. If you can do that, you’re all set!


    • Ahh, sorry Rachel! Once you fall down the welt pocket rabbit hole, it’s easy to forget what it’s like on the outside, LOL. 🙂 The “folded welt” vs. “separate welt” distinctions just distinguish how the welt is formed — whether you cut a completely separate piece of fabric to use as the welt, or whether one of the pocket bag pieces is folded (like origami!) into place to form the welt. “All-in-one” means that the welt and pocket bag are all formed from a single piece of fabric, and there is a lot of folding involved. “Single” vs. “double” just means how many welts you see on the outside of the pocket. Trust me, once you try it, it will all make sense.


  2. Thanks for the list! I’ve never sewn a welt pocket before, but when I do I’ll come back to this list! BTW, that is *the* Ann Rowley from teh Sewing Bee =)


  3. I am definitely going to use this list at some point this year. I think welt pockets should be one of my monthly goals, don’t you?


  4. After I researched a lot about all pockets like crazy and found your page, this is very excellent, very helpfull and very useful. Thank you thousand times, you are my angle. BIG HUG & LOVE LOVE LOVE to you. ^__^


  5. On the pocket tutorials you’ve listed from Fashion-Incubator, you mention that pocket bag instructions aren’t included. Within the given entry this is certainly true. To reduce repetitive content (boring imo) I created one pocket bag post which works for all of the pocket tutorials (and is linked to from each entry). The separate pocket bag post can be found here: https://fashion-incubator.com/tutorial-finishing-the-welt-pocket/


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