GeoPop Moss mini – finished!

Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - finished

Some sewing projects are all about the fabric.

A few months ago I sat down with my morning coffee and my laptop, opened the Hawthorne Threads newsletter, and saw this colorful geometric print staring me in the face.  I HAD TO HAVE IT.  I immediately clicked on the link, only to find that it had already sold out!  The horror!  I guess I wasn’t surprised though, since it really is a truly awesome print.  It lingered in my brain for a few weeks as I lamented my bad timing, until one day when I stumbled upon a bolt in my local shop, Gather Here.  Yes!!  I scooped up a yard, and this awesome skirt was born.

Project Stats:

Pattern: Grainline Moss mini, size 8.

Fabric: 100% cotton canvas.  The print is GeoPop by Emmie K for Robert Kaufman in the “chevy in sorbet” colorway (currently on backorder).  The lining is Bemberg rayon in cerise, and I used leftover pink Oxford shirting for the pocket bags and waistband facing.

Modifications: Same as last time (removed some waistband gaping at the center back, and added a bit of length to the hem).

Level of crafty satisfaction: LOVE!  🙂

Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - back

I took my time cutting out the pieces for this skirt (4 hours in total!) and tried to match the pattern at visible seams as best I could.  Since I only had 1 yard to work with, I could only do so much!  I’m pretty happy with the center back seam (at least at the hem) and how the vertical stripes on the back yokes blend nicely into the skirt pieces below.  The side seams also came out fairly well, with the exception of a tiny vertical stripe peeking out on the right side.  Close enough!

Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - left side Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - right side

Because the print is so bright and busy, I didn’t want the topstitching to stand out.  I sewed a double row in regular white thread and called it a day.

Construction wise, there isn’t much more to say about this skirt that I haven’t already said in my coral and denim versions, so I’m just going to share a bunch of photos with you.  Get out your sunglasses, folks!

Photos on the hanger:

Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - front on hanger Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - back on hanger

The full lining:

Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - front lining on hanger Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - back lining on hanger

Some close-up shots of the fly.  I think I’ve got the fly zipper installation down at this point, but handling the lining is still just beyond my grasp.  Somehow I miscalculated the size of the lining cut-out on this skirt, and a bit more of the fly facing is exposed than I would have liked.  Overall though, I think it’s good enough!

Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - exterior fly detail - open Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - interior fly detail - closed Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - interior fly detail - open

During construction, before the lining was installed:

Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - pocket construction detail

And a view of the pink pocket innards.  So much pink in this project – I love it!

Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - pocket interior

I had so much fun sewing this skirt, no doubt thanks to the combination of TNT pattern and truly amazing fabric.  When I showed this fabric to John a few weeks ago, his response was, “Now that’s a Carolyn fabric!”  Agreed.  So to celebrate a successful project, I’m going to blatantly rip off Vanessa (and fulfill a Twitter dare) and present an…

Awesome skirt fist pump!

Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - awesome skirt fist pump

Truly a sign of a successful make!

To top it all off, this was one of my most cost-effective sewing projects ever, totaling about $12.  The yard of fabric was $10, plus the cost of the zipper and 1 button.  Everything else was leftover from other projects.  Score!

Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - fabric detailNow where does one wear such an eye-searing garment??  🙂

44 thoughts on “GeoPop Moss mini – finished!

  1. I can’ t tell you how much I love this fabric – it is absolutely amazing – such a sharp graphic pattern with such zingy colours! I think it will go with lots of different coloured tops – I would wear it all the time!



    • Haha, thanks Louise, isn’t it stunning?? I flipped out when I saw it. This fabric is so “me” and perfect for a small garment like a mini skirt. I think it would be way too much in something larger, at least for me. I have lots of colorful Renfrews, so hopefully I’ll find some good combinations!


    • Thanks Lisa! I’m really in love with this print and am debating picking up some more. Sorry about your first comment – I didn’t get it, so thanks for trying again!


    • Haha!! That newsletter is so dangerous – filled to the brim with gorgeous fabrics! Thank goodness it’s mostly quilting cotton otherwise I’d be in trouble, LOL.


  2. Love the print, perfect for your skirt. Just looking at it makes me feel happier! Those Hawthorne Threads newsletters are a perilous thing though …. I often succumb to their gentle luring.


  3. You did an amazing job with ONE YARD of fabric! If I had seen that fabric in a store, or on-line, I wouldn’t have paid any attention to it…but made that fabric come to life & have such a cute personality!


    • Thanks so much Barb! I instantly knew that I wanted to make a mini skirt out of this fabric. It’s so bright that I think it would only work in small doses! The fact that I only had 1 yard made cutting an adventure. I spent 2.5 hours just cutting out the shell, trying to match the pattern as best I could. I had to piece the waistband, but I think it worked!


    • Thanks Emily! As I mentioned in Barb’s reply above, it was a serious brain-buster to match the pattern with only 1 yard. Considering my fabric limitations, I think it came out pretty well! There was absolutely NOTHING left though. I barely managed to save the selvedge for blog documentation, LOL.


    • Wow, that’s awesome, thanks for the tip! I don’t follow fashion at all, so I’m glad to have stumbled upon a seasonal trend. I’ll be on trend for once in my life, LOL!


    • Thanks so much, Ebi! I had a few lined fly zippers under my belt by the time I sewed this one, so thankfully I’m getting better with practice. 🙂 Maybe you’ll see me wearing this on the street – you could probably see it from a mile away!


  4. I love how clean the print is – almost no blurring or overprinting between the colours – and how the flat front of the Moss lets it shine. You look like you’re wearing your own little piece of abstract art. Spectacular 😀


    • Haha, thanks! I’m very impressed with the quality of the fabric, which seems to be a trend with Robert Kaufman fabrics (hence my many repeated purchases). The print survived 2 pre-washes beautifully, which I certainly can’t say about some other prints I’ve purchased. I tried to make the CF seam as inconspicuous as possible, and I’m happy with the result!


    • Thank you! The fabric is so cheerful – I’m so glad I stumbled upon it at my local shop. I had worked out the fit on previous versions, so thankfully I could just cut and sew on this project. 🙂


  5. Awesome skirt fist pump? Yes you did! I’m smiling my face off right now 🙂

    Oh my flipping heck this skirt is a-ma-zing! I’m pretty sure it has nearly all of the colours from your palette too. Booya!
    You’re rockin it Carolyn. Fantastic way to kick off 2015.


    • Thanks so much, Vanessa!! I didn’t forget about the fist pump… was just waiting for another FO post to bust it out. 🙂 I do love all the colors in this skirt – it makes me so happy just looking at it!

      Liked by 1 person

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