Handmade Christmas tree 2014 (and San Francisco!)

Handmade Christmas tree 2014

The holiday season is upon us!  This past weekend John and I put up my miniature fiber-optic Christmas tree, complete with a slew of handmade ornaments that I’ve been using for the past few years.  I have to say, I love this little tree.  🙂  It’s been in my family for a few generations and holds a lot of great childhood memories, and I love the combination of the old tree with new handmade ornaments made by me.  To read all about the story behind this tree and how I made the various ornaments, check out my 2013 Christmas tree post.

Tree decorating this year included afternoon coffee and a fresh batch of lemon-raspberry cookies, not to mention the obligatory Christmas music in the background.  It was quite a delightful afternoon and has become a little tradition for John and me.  Since I’ve already blogged about the tree, today I’ll just share some pictures that I snapped of the finished 2014 version.  Enjoy!

Handmade Christmas tree 2014 - Baby's First Christmas ornament

This ornament has been around as long as I have.  How sweet.  🙂

Handmade Christmas tree 2014 - Maggie ornament

A relatively new addition to the tree: a Maggie ornament!  This was a gift from John’s mom last year.  Doesn’t it look just like her?

Handmade Christmas tree 2014 - paper star ornament

A wrapping paper star that took forever to make.

Handmade Christmas tree 2014 - snowflake and bird ornaments

An origami bird and pipe cleaner snowflake.

Handmade Christmas tree 2014 - yo-yo ornaments

Fabric yo-yos.  Yes, some sewing projects made it onto the tree!

Handmade Christmas tree 2014 - heart and crane ornaments

A paper heart and origami crane.

Handmade Christmas tree 2014 - in my apartmentAnd here’s the finished tree in the corner of my apartment.  It’s the perfect pint-sized tree for a pint-sized living space.  (Below the tree is a Wee Wonderfuls doll I made last year.)

Like most of you, my life has been a little hectic lately between the upcoming holidays and trying to wrap up work-related projects before the calendar year is over.  I probably won’t have any more sewing projects to show off until after Christmas, but I’m hoping to really hunker down with my sewing machine during my time off work.  Yay!  🙂

In other news, and as the title of this post suggests, I’m headed out to San Francisco for this upcoming week!  The trip is work-related, but I definitely plan on making some time for fabric shopping at Britex, since I’ll be staying very close by.  If you live or work in downtown San Francisco and are interested in meeting for coffee and/or shopping, feel free to drop me an email.  Or, simply chime in with fabric shopping suggestions!

I’ll be back next week, exhausted and ready for the holidays.  Hope you’re all hanging in there!

15 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas tree 2014 (and San Francisco!)

  1. Your tree is just lovely, Carolyn AND you’ve inspired me to add something else to our new (& first) little granddaughter’s pressie stash: a personalised bauble celebrating HER first Christmas! Yay! Enjoy SF! 🙂


    • Oh Kathy, how sweet! I love that idea. I really enjoy putting my baby ornament on the tree every year – it’s a nice keepsake and brings a little bit of tradition to my holiday celebrations. I’m sure your new granddaughter will love it when she gets older. Congratulations!


  2. Great tree! Your tree decorations are so lovely. The Mr and I are not very festive this year. We’ve hot a tiny plastic tree that is already decorated that we just plonk on the shelf at Christmas time and pop it in the cupboard for the rest of the year. Have a great time in SF and you totally have to do a ‘haul’ post to show off all your fabric shopping goodies 🙂


    • Thanks Vanessa! I hear you about small decorations. It only takes us a few minutes to get this little tree out of the closet and decorate it. It’s just enough to be festive without a huge time commitment. Hope you’re enjoying your little tree! 🙂

      I’m back from SF and did indeed buy some fabric. Coming to the blog soon!


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