Denim Moss mini – finished!

Denim Grainline Moss mini - front

Second skirt, same as the first.  🙂  Immediately after I finished my Coral Moss, I started working on a second version in denim.  This was my first time sewing with denim, and it was no big deal at all.  What was I waiting for?  I used a heavy needle (not a jeans needle though) and yellow topstitching thread, and once again the skirt is fully lined in Bemberg rayon.  It’s a simple skirt, but hopefully one that will become a workhorse in my winter wardrobe.

As many of you in the Northern hemisphere have been noting on your blogs, getting decent photos has become nearly impossible these days!  We are nearing the shortest day of the year, and natural light in my apartment seems to fade only moments after it arrives.  These photos are a little blown out, but I tried to capture the details of the skirt as well as I could.  On a positive note, this dry winter air is great for my hair.  🙂  All right, back to the skirt!

Denim Grainline Moss mini - side Denim Grainline Moss mini - back

Project Stats:

Pattern: Grainline Moss mini skirt, essentially a size 8.  I cut out size 6 pieces (from my Coral Moss) and sewed the side seams with 1/4 inch seam allowances instead of 1/2 inch.  I think the extra inch all around really improved the fit and comfort of the skirt.

Fabric: Robert Kaufman Indigo Denim 8 oz.  This denim is about a medium weight with just a hint of stretch.  I enjoyed sewing with it, but we’ll see how it holds up in the wash.  You never know with denim!

The lining is Bemberg rayon, and I used leftover Oxford shirting in pale blue for the pocket bags and waistband facing.

Modifications: Same as last time (removed some waistband gaping at the back, and added length at the hem).

Level of crafty satisfaction: I like it!  This isn’t the most exciting project I’ve made, but I’ve been trying to focus on everyday wardrobe basics lately, and this skirt fits the bill.  Also, this skirt will replace a RTW denim mini that was always *just* a bit too short for my tall frame.

Some photos on the hanger:

Denim Grainline Moss mini - front on hanger Denim Grainline Moss mini - back on hanger

I *really* enjoyed the topstitching on this project.  🙂  It was my first time using dedicated topstitching thread, and man, that stuff is awesome!  I’d highly recommend it for a denim project.  As usual, I eyeballed all the topstitching because I’m stubborn that way.

The skirt is fully lined in Bemberg rayon to make it fully functional in the winter with tights.  No static here!  Rayon linings are one of my favorite things about sewing my own clothes.  🙂

Denim Grainline Moss mini - lining front on hanger Denim Grainline Moss mini - lining back on hanger

I slightly improved my handling of the lining in the fly area this time around, but I’m still not convinced I’m doing it right.  The majority of the fly area came out neatly, as shown below:

Denim Grainline Moss mini - fly and waistband facing

I slipstitched the lining to the fly facing (on the left in the photo below) and fly shield (on the right), but the tricky part was at the bottom.

Denim Grainline Moss mini - lining in fly area

I still had a bit of a “jagged corner” at the bottom left, and I’m not really sure how to better handle this area.  I tried to finish it a bit more neatly than last time, which was the result of very careful measuring before I made the rectangular cut out in the lining piece.  The free-hanging corner on my Coral Moss survived the washing machine just fine, so I’m hopeful this one will be ok too.

Denim Grainline Moss mini - lining in fly area - detail

One thing that didn’t come out so well on my Coral Moss was the lining hem: I didn’t include a “dropped fold-over” (or whatever that little fold is called!), but I really should have.  In fact, I unpicked the lining hem and added a fold this weekend.

For the denim version, I included the fold from the start.  See it below?  The lining is slipstitched to the skirt hem about 1/2 inch above the fold, giving the lining some extra wiggle room.  Lesson learned: I really need to do this for every lined garment.  The extra freedom of movement is definitely noticeable during wear.

Denim Grainline Moss mini - hem detail

A close-up of the pocket lining.  I made sure to match my bobbin thread to either the pocket lining (white thread) or the denim (navy thread) when topstitching, and I love the clean finish this gives.

Denim Grainline Moss mini - pocket lining

I love looking at that yellow topstitching, don’t you?  🙂

Denim Grainline Moss mini - topstitching detail front Denim Grainline Moss mini - topstitching detail back

(And yes, that’s my little Christmas tree in the background!)

Denim Grainline Moss mini - with Summer Blazer

I think this skirt will go well with just about every handmade top I have, including my two blazers.  Here I’ve modeled it with my Summer Blazer, which I think contrasts the dark denim nicely.  🙂

Denim Grainline Moss mini - front hands on hipsOverall, a simple but endlessly useful skirt!

Hope you all had a great weekend and that your holiday preparations (whatever they may be) are going well.  Hang in there!  🙂

32 thoughts on “Denim Moss mini – finished!

    • Thanks Teri, I hope so! I left this skirt very plain so that it will go with absolutely anything. The topstitching on this project was so fun – I think it’s one of my favorite sewing techniques!


  1. Great skirt! You’ll definitely get loads of wear out of this one. I like how you bagged the lining, I’m sure it helps tremendously with wearing ease. I made this up in denim quite a while ago and it’s one of my most-worn pieces. So useful!


    • Great to hear, Lisa! I’m hoping this skirt will become a much-worn and much-loved piece. And you were so right about the lining! I thought of you when I took my Coral moss out of the wash and realized I had to re-do the lining hem. Thanks again for the very sage advice. 🙂


    • Haha, thanks Erika! This is such a great basic pattern. I’d love to make some spring/summer versions as well. Oooh, how about a white one? Don’t get me too excited – spring is soooo far away!


  2. A denim skirt is a must-have as far as I’m concerned! You’ve done a great job with all the details from lining to flawless top stitching. I meant to comment on your coral skirt too- like the hem trim a lot! A thought about lining…If you hem the lining separately (by machine) from the skirt making it 1/2″ shorter than the skirt hem length, you won’t have to do the jump hem (by hand) and then use French tacks to tack the lining to your seam allowances. The lining hangs free- more like a slip!


    • Thanks Ellen! Great suggestion about finishing the lining. I definitely need something to keep the lining from moving around separately from the skirt, and I bet the French tacks would do the job nicely… and save me the hand sewing. Hope you’re doing well! 🙂


  3. Another great make. Your lining sounds dreamy. I will have to try this rayon Bemberg stuff… not sure where to source it locally though, so I may need to buy online.


  4. Looks like a useful garment and an excellent fit! I wouldn’t have thought to line a fly-front skirt, but it seems like you’ve figured it out. I think the fold is called a jump pleat – just read about that recently!


    • Aha, thanks Morgan! A jump pleat, that makes sense. It still seems kind of strange to me to fully line a denim skirt, but hey, it’s sewing and I can do whatever I want, right? 🙂 It makes a huge difference in terms of sticking to my tights.


  5. You rock! That skirt is awesome and I think the area around the fly on the inside does look better than last time. I love your blazer, too. I remember looking at that fabric at Grey’s, I think, and loving it, but not knowing how I would use it. It looks really cool as a blazer. As soon as Christmas projects are finished, I need to get to my own sewing. You are inspiring me!


    • Thanks Lisa! You must be sewing up a storm of Christmas presents over there! Hope to see them all on your blog after the holidays. 🙂 The blazer fabric was an interesting choice. I almost changed my mind several times, but I’m glad I went with it in the end. Sometimes you never know how a fabric will look until you sew it up.


  6. Your skirt turned out so well – the top stitching is amazing considering you eyeballed it and the lining looks perfect! I totally messed up choice of lining fabric on Nascha skirt… Louise


    • Thanks Rebecca! I had so much fun with the topstitching, and yes, I hope this skirt becomes a staple. I get so much more wear out of my wardrobe basis, so I’m trying to focus my sewing on that.


  7. You eyeballed that topstitching? Wow – great skills, girl! What a great skirt – I was really loving it and then I scrolled all the way down and got to the pic where you paired it with the blazer – gah! Perfect!! I think you will get so much wear out of this!


  8. Well done Carolyn! I can’t believe you’ve been sewing for such a short time – that is one fantastic make! Happy Christmas from sunny Brisbane, by the way! 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Kathy! Sewing has been such a fun adventure over the last few years. I think you can pick up the basics pretty quickly, but it takes a lifetime to become an expert. Happy holidays from cold and cloudy Boston!


  9. Fantastic skirt Carolyn! You are rocking the finessed details on this baby. I think this is definitely going to be wardrobe workhorse. That lining is just too fantastic. I’m doing a fist pump on your behalf 😛


    • Haha, thanks Vanessa! I can’t believe I forgot the fist pump in this post!!! Just goes to show how crazy life has been these days. I wore this skirt to work yesterday, and I’d definitely call it a success. I’m still curious to see how it survives the wash though. I pre-washed the denim twice, but I’ve heard it just keeps shrinking!


      • Oooh. Good to know about the denim shrinkage. I’ve just bought some. I’ve given it one wash, but after you say that I’m going to have to give it another wash. Maybe a hot wash will help get it all shrunk up as much as possible before I cut into it. Wish me luck 🙂


  10. What a fun skirt! The lining in rayon is a huge plus as well- I hate having to fiddle with my tights and skirts during winter as well. Light denim skirts aren’t normally my style but I can absolutely see this in a dark wash! And yey for top stitching!


    • Thanks! Yes, this would be great in a super dark wash. The rayon lining is my absolute favorite part of the skirt – it makes a huge difference in wearability. No sticking or riding up, yay!


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