October video sewing update

Today I’ve got another video sewing update to share with you!  It seemed like a good time for another video since a lot of sewing-related things have been going on lately, but none of them have resulted in a finished garment to photograph (yet).

In the video, I talk about getting to know my new serger, my in-progress Moss mini skirt, some upcoming sewing plans, and a few recent fabric purchases.  Yay, new fabric!  I actually have a stash now, albeit an extremely modest one.  🙂  I also talk briefly about something that’s been in the works for a few months now: setting up a permanent sewing studio in my tiny apartment.  You know, one that doesn’t require rearranging all the furniture every time I want to sew.  My apartment is REALLY tiny, so this has been a fun challenge.

I hope you enjoy the video!  It’s been fun experimenting with this new medium, and I really like how an occasional video brings the blog to life a bit.  We’re all real people outside of our blogs, right?  🙂

You can view the video directly on YouTube here.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

12 thoughts on “October video sewing update

  1. i don’t always have a chance to watch blogger’s videos (usually scrolling my blog roll while waiting at kids’ various activities…) but it’s so fun to actually hear the people i read! yay for the new serger, you’ll get so much use out of it. bummer the moss skirt was too big, i have made many versions of that pattern and i wear them a lot. i think i had to size down for the waist also, but i’m pretty pear shaped and my waist and hip generally fall 1-2 sizes apart. good luck on setting up the sewing studio, you won’t regret having the dedicated space!


    • Thanks Lisa! I agree about the videos – usually I find them at work during my lunch hour and make a mental note to watch them when I get home. It’s definitely fun to “meet” everyone though – I’ve been really enjoying this video/audio trend in blogs lately.

      As for the Moss, I have the opposite problem where my hips are 2 sizes smaller than my waist, so it’s not surprising that the skirt practically falls off, LOL. I’ll figure it out!


  2. I am loving your video posts! It feels like I just got to sit and chat with you a bit. 🙂 How funny, but both pieces of orange fabric look pink/coral (and not at all orange) in this video – so I can totally understand how those looked coral online when you bought them! How awesome of your amazing family to help out with the serger purchase. Can’t wait to follow along with all of your new projects – and hooray for a permanent workspace! Also, Happy Birthday to John! 🙂 (P.S. – I am rooting for a Maggie cameo in the next video!)


    • Thanks Laura! 🙂 You’re right – when I watched the video I noticed that the colors look pretty similar to the images I had seen online, but in real life they’re definitely both bright orange! How weird. I’ll pass along your birthday wishes to John. 🙂 And yes, I’m surprised Maggie didn’t insist on making a cameo in this video! She did last time – there is an “outtake” video on my YouTube channel, LOL. 🙂


  3. I was going to say just what Laura said– on my screen your orange fabrics looked coral/pink and the purple looked blue-ish purple. I hope you like the Laguna jersey. I really like it a lot.


    • Thanks Teri! Your recommendation of the Laguna jersey was really reassuring, as it’s so hard to buy jersey online because you just never know what you’re going to get. I haven’t started sewing with it yet, but it feels great and has a good amount of stretch and recovery, so I’m optimistic.


  4. I am very jealous of your new serger and dedicated sewing space – I have my fingers crossed for a serger for Christmas ( if i have been good!) – probably less of a ferrari and more of a beat up ford. My sewing space is our dining room table which means that I do have to tidy it all away fairly frequently (though my stash is starting to take over one corner of the room now!)

    its lovely to see you ‘in person’ again!



    • Oh, I hope you get a serger for Christmas! 🙂 It’s exciting to think about all the new things you’ll be able to do with it. Constantly setting up and tearing down your sewing space seems to be an unavoidable consequence of this extremely space-consuming hobby. My new space will still require minimal set up, but it’ll be a lot easier than before.


  5. You have a knack for talking in front of the camera. It was great to hear what you’re working on. Hope that serger is a delight to sew with. I can’t imagine it won’t be.


  6. Wow, your apartment is tiny and I can imagine it’s a challenge to set up a dedicated sewing area that doesn’t get in the way when you’re not using it. It will really help to get more productive. It’s a slippery slope though, it starts with one small area, the next step is using most of a room but still sharing with other functions and then you’ll end up dreaming of a room just for you and judging new homes on whether you could set up a great studio in them… Good luck!


    • Haha, I think I’m already at the point where my next apartment/home will definitely have to have a spare room for sewing. I don’t have kids, so hopefully using an extra bedroom will be do-able! And yes, my current apartment is more of a glorified closet than a real apartment. Such is life in an expensive city with a grad student salary. It’s like a real-life game of Tetris in here. 🙂


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