Video sewing update!

That’s right folks, I’m now on video!  My blogging has taken kind of an experimental turn lately – first I wrote a poem about sewing, and now I’m trying out a video sewing update.  I’m not sure what’s spurred on this deviation from my usual posting routine, but hey, I’m embracing my various adventures into new territory.  🙂

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing regarding posting videos on my blog, or on YouTube for that matter, so please let me know if you can’t view the video, if there are any strange formatting issues, or if anything else isn’t working properly.  You can view the video directly on YouTube here.

With that said, I hope you enjoy “meeting” me in person!  I chat a little bit about why I decided to make a video in the first place, and I show off my purple Archer-in-progress, slightly further along than in my previous post.  Added bonus: now you can hear how nasal my voice is.  🙂  Enjoy!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

20 thoughts on “Video sewing update!

  1. That was brilliant! So nice to hear your voice and see you ‘in person’ so to speak. You take so naturally to the camera and speak so well 🙂 Really enjoyed it.


    • Thanks so much, Kat! This video was definitely a bit of an experiment, and I was surprised that I even figured out how to post it! I love when other bloggers post videos – it’s great to finally “meet’ everyone. 🙂


  2. I love your accent, Carolyn! (You’re Canadian, right, but living in Boston?) You speak beautifully! Good luck finishing that Archer!


    • Haha, thanks Kathy! I absolutely LOVE hearing everyone’s different accents all over the globe. I’m actually American, originally from the New York City area… but thankfully I’ve (mostly) gotten rid of my cringe-worthy NY accent!

      As for finishing the Archer by Friday… fingers crossed. 🙂


  3. Really like your video! I agree, they are another way to get to ‘know’ each other better. Every Archer you’ve made, I’ve thought ‘that’s the best one!’…then you go and make another stunner – the aubergine/bird version has me making notes!


    • Thanks so much! I love getting to know other bloggers through their videos/podcasts. It’s such a cool way to connect with people all over the world.

      This latest Archer is definitely starting to become my favorite already. Those rich fall colors are to die for, and the combination of dots + birds makes me smile. 🙂


  4. It was nice to see and hear you “in person”! Videos are a step too far for me right now but who knows what the future will bring. For tutorials it might really be a bonus to be able to show certain steps on camera.
    You should be able to finish the shirt by Friday if you are able to take some small steps each day!


    • Thanks Emmely! The thought of doing video tutorials is even more daunting than regular photo tutorials. I imagine you’d need an overhead hands-free camera and really good lighting. In other words, don’t expect to see any on this blog. 🙂 Just chatting in front of my laptop was fun though.


  5. Oh, how nice to hear your voice! I believe you are a natural in front of the camera. It’s also fun to see your creations move on you. Happy sewing,


    • Thanks so much, Meigan! Maggie couldn’t resist getting herself on camera – that cat is such a diva. 🙂 I still haven’t decided if I’ll be posting more, but thanks for the encouragement!


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