One Week One Pattern – sneak peeks

Sneak peek Archer with Maggie Sleeve cuff finished

How do I love the Archer?  Let me count the ways… wait, actually I’d better start counting how many Archers I’ll have by this Saturday.  It’s the start of One Week One Pattern 2014!  Yes my dear readers, I, Carolyn of Allspice Abounds, will actually be participating in something online.  Gasp!  Horror!  Hold on to your seats – the daily wet-hair selfies are on their way.  🙂

One Week One Pattern - largeMy goal is to have 5 completed Archers for the 7 days of the challenge.  I’ve already got 4 done (one, two, three, and the fourth in the shockingly pink photos above – proper blog post coming soon).  The fifth is just starting to take shape in some lovely Robert Kaufman chambray dot.  And yeah, I put a bird on it.

Dot Archer - pocket sewn on

The blog-post-writing has been a little light these days, but the sewing keeps on truckin’!

Are you participating in OWOP this year?  What will you be wearing for 7 days in row??  🙂

8 thoughts on “One Week One Pattern – sneak peeks

  1. I am looking forward to seeing all your Archers – the fabric for the new one is beautiful! I am going for the first pattern I made when I started sewing again last year – its a really basic new look skirt pattern but I have several versions now (mostly never blogged as its such a basic make) and I wear one or more most weeks at work! I am slightly stumped at the prospect of ‘styling’ them – I just wear them with a top.. maybe I will find a scarf (or something?)

    Are you posting on instagram?



    • Oh great, looking forward to seeing all your outfits! I think a skirt is a great choice because it can look so different depending on what kind of top you pair with it, whether you tuck it in or not, etc. I know what you mean about styling – I have no idea how to “style” something properly. For my Archers, I’ll wear skirts some days and pants on others, maybe roll up the sleeves one day, LOL. We’ll see what I can come up with!


  2. I find daily selfies too much of a hassle, but I suppose it’s fun to celebrate your favourite pattern. I think I have a fat quarter of that bird fabric in a different colour somewhere…


    • Oh cool, I didn’t know it came in other colors! I really like this print. What color do you have?

      As for the daily photos, I’m finding it annoying already, and I’m only on Day 2, LOL. I won’t bombard the blog with daily posts, but I’m planning to do a round-up at the end. I think OWOP is fun idea, and I figured I might as well join in since I already had enough variations. 🙂


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