Simple, indulgent, sweet

Science tote bag - front

Something simple: A new tote bag.  The pattern is simply a set of rectangles sewn together to form a floppy bag with self-fabric handles.  No interfacing, no structure, no frills.  Just a pretty fabric tote for housing my lunch, wallet, keys, shopping treasures, or whatever else one throws in a casual bag.  🙂

Science tote bag - finished

And check it: science fabric for the lining!  The perfect choice for packing my lunch and hauling it off to the lab.  To say that this fabric delights me every time I see it is an understatement.

Science tote bag - lining

I mean, who wouldn’t get a kick out of furry animals doing science?  There are physicists, chemists, biologists, lecturers, and all sorts of science-related accoutrements (DNA, beakers, molecules, etc.).  Love.  The bag has already been put to good use all this past week.

Present to myself

Something indulgent: A pair of goodies from Sephora, just because.  I very (very) rarely buy myself presents other than crafting supplies, but it was really about time for a bit of a treat.  I’ll leave the requisite creative budget re-arranging for another day.

My carefully selected purchases?  Left: J’adore by Christian Dior, a favorite perfume that always finds its way back into my life, albeit with large gaps of time in between bottles.  Right: Clear brow gel by Anastasia, something new-to-me that I’ve been meaning to try forever.  Curse my large, Italian, unruly brows.

Outfit shot - Butterick 5613 skirtSomething sweet: My extremely puffy, cupcake-like Butterick 5613 skirt, complete with stripes along the hem and a striped top to match.  I made this last spring, and it continues to get a lot of wear during warm weather.  I always feel a bit like a cartoon character wearing such a jet-puffed skirt, but I always get compliments when wearing it.  I’ve decided to accept the mystery.

This post comes to you today from a place of peace.  I ditched a previous version that was full of negativity and excuses for why my life has been a bit of a slog lately.  In this case, dwelling on the negatives isn’t going to do anyone any good.  Instead, I’m focusing on enjoying my new bag, my new sweet-smelling goodies, and the huge puffiness of my skirt.  I wonder if I’ll actually lift off during a strong wind?

Hope you’re all hanging in there.  I’m trying, promise.

18 thoughts on “Simple, indulgent, sweet

    • Thanks! And yes, exactly right about handmade bags. I have 4 of these simple totes now, and they’re all holding up great, despite a lot of use and abuse. I’ve even given them as gifts – it’s something useful but still pretty. 🙂


  1. Wow, what a great post. I really did get a sunshiney feeling from it! I can totally relate to post negativity, sometimes I reread my post (always a good idea) and find lots of ‘excuses’ why my writing isn’t as frequent as everyone else’s etc…but then I realize that my readers are probably just happy I’ve made a post that is hopefully lovely to look at, read and uplifting…and that’s usually the case. Same here – always happy to get a Allspice Abounds post in my Bloglovin’ fee – whether it’s every 2 days or every two weeks. Doin’ great, hon and your bag is so cute – totally need one like that for lunches. It’s kinda nice to splurge occasionally eh? It’s a bit of a nice boost.


    • Thanks so much Kat! I completely agree about posting. I find that I don’t mind at all when people post irregularly, and I’m always happy to see what they’re up to after a little blogging break. So I tell myself that people must feel the same about my blog too, LOL. I hope that’s true!


  2. Good for you Carolyn, splurging on a treat – love your white furry friend in the ‘J’adore’ photo, too. Your bag is super cute – hope it brightens your days & makes life feel less “sloggish”! Looks beautifully sunny where you are – can’t wait for Spring to kick in here. Cheers from Brisbane. 🙂


    • Thanks Kathy! Yes, the weather has been gorgeous here lately. It’s been a mild summer, which is more than welcome in my opinion. Maggie is always happy to be photographed, although in this photo she appears to be focusing on a squirrel outside or something. 🙂

      The bag has definitely been cheering me up, even if it’s only for a minute when I reach in to pull out my lunch!

      Hope the warm weather reaches you soon. 🙂


  3. I always find it quite amazing how something simple like a tote bag can bring joy when you finish it. The science fabric is absolutely great! I hope your life gets better soon. Lately, I am finding it more difficult to post regularly as well. I’m blaming my thesis…


    • Thanks Emmely. This PhD thing is a killer, isn’t it? I’m not quite as far along as you are, but I can relate to the time commitment and stress. Best of luck finishing up! Looking forward to calling your Dr. Emmely. 🙂

      I’ve been following along with your jeans posts lately, and I’ve been immensely impressed with your fit modifications and dedication. Can’t wait to see how it all works out!


      • I have to finish writing by December and I’ll probably defend in May/June. Especially now it’s starting to get tough because there are still so many loose ends that I want to tie up and there just isn’t any more time (why didn’t I do more in previous years???). The reason I have to hurry now is that I can start as a postdoc in December so at least that is a good reason and something to look forward to!
        The jeans will have to wait a little bit, my mind is momentarily too occupied with a paper that needs to be submitted soon but I will certainly return to them at some point.


  4. Love this post! Can totally relate, I’ve also had to scrap excuse-laden posts. Definitely agree with Kat above, it’s a treat to see a new post, whenever it comes. Love the bag — I made a similar bag, and it’s the perfect lunch/quick trip to the supermarket bag. Your puffy skirt is AWESOME!!!! Ahhhh! 🙂

    Also, another fan of J’Adore here! Currently in between bottles, flirting with trying a new scent, but J’Adore has been my go-to for years.


    • Thanks so much, Ebi! It’s so funny, everyone seems to love this skirt except me, haha. I don’t dislike it, but the puffiness seems to go over much better with onlookers than in my own head.

      Isn’t a quick bag such a great project? Pretty and functional. And yes, J’Adore is definitely a winner. It’s a scent for a real adult woman (not fruity or sweet), and I like that it’s delicate and not overwhelming. BTW this is my official endorsement for you picking up another bottle. 🙂


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