Handmade undies in fuchsia and blue

So Zo undies by Allspice Abounds - finished

After all the precise sewing on my Archer and a few busy weeks with not much sewing progress, I needed a simple, instant gratification project to get my sew-jo back.  I’m sure you can relate.  I decided to whip up a few more pairs of So Zo undies using some jersey scraps that I had lying around and a fresh batch of fold-over elastic.  I guess I was on a roll because I wound up making 5 pairs!  Yay for some new, colorful additions to my unmentionables drawer.  🙂

So Zo undies by Allspice Abounds - front

Both the fuchsia and stone blue jersey are an organic cotton/bamboo/soy blend that is super soft and squishy… and holds up great in the wash.  Perfect for undies!  I don’t know where Gather Here, my local fabric shop, finds this amazing jersey, but it is hands-down the best jersey I’ve come across and wish I could use it for all my projects forever and ever.

The eagle-eyed among you may recognize the fuchsia from the Epic Panty Fail of 2013, LOL.  At least some of this delicious jersey made it into a wearable garment!  The blue is the same jersey as my previous pairs, and I managed to cut a full 6 pairs out of 1 yard.

So Zo undies by Allspice Abounds - back

There really isn’t much else to say about this pattern than I haven’t said in previous posts, except to reiterate that this is a great pattern for anyone new to lingerie sewing (like me).  Just cut out the 3 pieces, sew up a few short seams, and slap on the fold-over elastic.  Very little room for error!  And the fit is great – comfortable without being frumpy at all.  (I modeled them in a previous post – gasp!)  If you don’t know where to start, I’d recommended giving this pattern a try.  It’s free!

So Zo undies by Allspice Abounds - seaming detail

I still want to venture beyond these undies into more complicated patterns and fabrics (can anyone say stretch lace??), but for now this project was exactly what I needed.

Let us all rejoice at undergarments that actually fit.  🙂

So Zo undies by Allspice Abounds - lined up

Have you been sewing any lingerie lately?  It seems to be taking the sewing world by storm!

13 thoughts on “Handmade undies in fuchsia and blue

  1. these look great! i know undies are such a quick project but i’ve yet to venture into that realm… my to do list includes sorting my fabric scraps, so hopefully i’ll have some scraps suitable for undies!


  2. Veeery nice! Yeah, I’ve sewn bras before, but not undies…so will have to give that a try soon…they seem really easy to do and a great stash busting project.


    • Thanks Kat! Exactly – quick easy to make, and great for using up small-ish jersey scraps. I still haven’t tried sewing bras, but I really want to do it sometime! I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way I’m going to own a bra that fits properly is to make one myself.


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