Pattern Review Boston-area meet-up and other sewing updates

Pattern Review Boston-area meet-up - group photo

 Group photo from MariaDenmark

Instead of showing you my finished Archer of Many Details, which is indeed finished but not yet photographed, I have a bunch of other sewing-related updates for you today.  Get ready for a somewhat random & gushy post.  🙂

Boston-area sewing meet-up

This weekend I attended my first-ever sewing meet-up, the Pattern Review Boston-area meet-up at Grey’s Fabric.  Basically the best day ever!  🙂  I’ve heard many bloggers say that people who sew are the nicest people, and I’m happy to report that it’s absolutely true.  Everyone I met was so down to earth, friendly, and kind-hearted, and of course everyone was so joyful and passionate about sewing.  It was such a pleasure to hang out with people who share my interest in sewing, chat about fabric and patterns, and simply meet such a wonderful bunch of women.  I think this was the first group of women I’ve ever hung out with where there was absolutely no drama.  How refreshing.  🙂

The meet-up started at Grey’s with mingling, fabric shopping, and a pattern swap.  I didn’t participate in the swap because I barely own any patterns (curse this student salary!), but it was fun to watch.  There were also mimosas and goodie bags containing Pattern Review tape measures and pins, which was a really fun and sweet gesture.

Sewing meet-up goodie bag

After the initial festivities, we ate lunch at a nearby restaurant, where I had the opportunity to chat one-on-one with Deepika (the founder of Pattern Review), Maria of MariaDenmark, and two other lovely sewists: Diane, and Lisa of Pattern and Branch.  Everyone had such interesting insights on sewing, blogging, creative careers, and just life in general.  Later, we stopped in Bead & Fiber (a jewelry supply and yarn shop across the street from Grey’s) and made our way to Winmill Fabrics in Chinatown for more fabric shopping.  Finally, Diane and I stopped at Gather Here on our way back through Cambridge.

By far, the best part of the meet-up was getting to know the other sewists.  Shortly after I walked in the door at Grey’s, I was greeted by none other than Ellen of Seams and Finishes, a long-time reader of this blog.  How cool to finally meet her in person!  Let me tell you, Ellen is even more delightful in person than she is online, and it was such a pleasure to chat with her about sewing, teaching, and all sorts of other topics.  I even got to check out her beautifully-constructed Presidio Purse, complete with custom machine embroidery on the outside.  Ellen, I hope we have the chance to meet again sometime!

I also met two Cambridge sewists – how cool to learn they live so close to me!  Carrie, whose email/blog address managed to escape me, and Ebi of Making the Flame.  Ebi approached me at lunch to say that she recognized me and had read my post on photography tips – wow!!  I’m still so amazed that people actually read this blog.  🙂

Also at the meet-up were some fairly well-known bloggers such as Katy & Laney (yes, both of them), Jenny of Cashmerette, and Ping of Peneloping.  I didn’t really get to chat with them, but I’m sure they’re just as delightful as all the other sewists I met.

If you’re reading this post and I met you on Saturday but didn’t link to your blog, please leave me a note in the comments!  I missed many of your blog addresses in all the fun and chaos.  🙂  Now I know to bring a pen and paper for next time.

Sewing meet-up fabric haul

Among all the excitement, I *did* manage to buy a little fabric.  Ahem.  🙂  I picked up this aubergine Robert Kaufman chambray dot from Grey’s and a package of 1/4 inch twill tape from Winmill.  Not too bad, considering my goal for this meet-up was not to buy anything at all (yeah right).  I also picked up some more pinpoint Oxford at Gather Here a week or so ago, this time in baby pink.  I’m envisioning Archers for both pieces of fabric.  I’m on an Archer kick lately!

Overall, I had such a fantastic time at this meet-up and would highly encourage you to attend one in your area if you get the chance.  I was a little apprehensive ahead of time because I’m fairly introverted and not great at socializing, but when you have a mutual interest with those around you, the conversation flows naturally.  I’m so glad I took the plunge and attended!

Blog awards

In other news, I’ve been extremely delinquent in acknowledging some recent blog awards, so here goes!

Liebster blog award

A huge THANK YOU to all three bloggers!  🙂  It is such an honor to be acknowledged by other talented sewists, and I feel so humbled and grateful that there are people out there reading and enjoying my little ol’ blog.  The sewing meet-up this weekend reminded me that there is a friendly, real human being behind each and every blog out there, and it’s wonderful to know that we’re all connecting with each other through our sites, even if we’ve never met in person.

Instead of following any of the rules of the awards, I’ll simply say thank you again to Kelsey, Louise, and Teri, and thank you to all those who stop by to share in my sewing adventures!


Sew Skillfully Button

Finally, I was thrilled to recently learn (via Twitter) that both Teri and Craft (Alchemy) were inspired by my Sew Skillfully project to tackle welt pockets!  Wow!!  Once again, it amazes me that people are reading my posts and, even better, being inspired to push themselves in their own sewing as a result.  I’m so happy that my personal challenge is encouraging others to challenge themselves as well.  *blush*

Now I’d better get crackin’ on my next Sew Skillfully post, as these talented ladies are way ahead of me with their welt pockets!  (Ladies, please leave a link in the comments if/when you blog about your pockets so we can all check them out.)

Final thoughts

This was a long and rambling post, so thanks for sticking with me.  All in all, the common thread is that I’m so genuinely thankful that I’ve been able to connect with talented, passionate, and friendly people through this blog.  Being part of a larger community is extremely rewarding and fulfilling, and it has enriched my life in so many ways.  🙂  (Ok, this is getting sappy now…)

My next post will be my finished Archer, promise!

Have you ever attended a sewing meet-up?  And did you need a full day to recover afterward like I did?  🙂

6 thoughts on “Pattern Review Boston-area meet-up and other sewing updates

  1. Mimosas??? I thought that was orange juice! I should have known a sewing event would have something nicer to drink than juice. 😉 It was such a pleasure to meet you in person, and I hope we can get together and sew!


  2. Hi, Carolyn. I loved meeting you and talking with you. I can’t wait to look through your blog and check out some of the others you linked to. I only managed to get a few blog addresses, so I’m glad you got so many. I’m glad you came, too. 😉


    • It was great to meet you too, Lisa! I actually didn’t exchange many blog addresses since I forgot a pen and paper, but I did recognize a bunch of people from reading their blogs. I missed your blog address during the meet-up but edited my post to add your link. 🙂


  3. Carolyn, I’m getting a kick out of your description of me 🙂 (Yes, those were good Mimosas) I also hope we have the opportunity to connect again in the future! I enjoyed chatting with you like “old friends”! I’m in 100% agreement with about the Meet up – lots of good conversations and positive energy. I discovered that one of the participants and I share a friend in common. In fact, we each had embroidered names on this friend’s family Christening gown! Another participant (and PR Moderator), and I were teachers in the same school system. And guess what? I will be traveling to London & Paris this spring with one of these gals who is organizing a tour! So excited. This would not have come about without this Meet up!


    • Oh my gosh, how exciting!!! I’m so glad you made such great connections at the meet-up! People who sew are just the best, aren’t they? 🙂 I’ll be excited to hear all about your trip in the spring!


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