More handmade undies

So Zo undies - front

My lingerie sewing adventures continue!  After I made my first two pairs of undies and wore them out and about, I realized that they were the some of the most comfortable undergarments I’ve ever worn.  The adjusted fit and super-soft jersey were a winning combination!  Although it may seem silly to sew your own underwear, I’ve found that the extra attention to detail makes a big difference.  It’s a great feeling not to have to constantly tug and adjust things all day – who knew handmade undies were the answer?  : )

Needless to say I’ve made a few more pairs, as you can see above, and I don’t see the underwear-sewing train stopping anytime soon.

So Zo undies - back

I used the So Zo free pattern again, with my fit adjustments from last time, and some light blue fold-over elastic.  I cut the second smallest size and find that I use about 2.5 yards of elastic per pair, maybe a little less.  Like last time, the only place I stretched the elastic when sewing was at the back waist, simply because the pattern was a little big for me in that area.  Otherwise, I didn’t stretch anything.

The astute among you may notice that I even used the exact same jersey as last time for the 3 blue pairs.  Now I have a drawer full of matching undies, ha!  I had bought a yard of that blue jersey, and apparently you can get quite a few pairs out of a single yard.  I’d guess 5-6 pairs maybe?  I’ve made 4 so far with a decent amount of jersey still left over.

The striped pair was made with leftover cotton jersey from this Renfrew.  I have lots of other jersey scraps lying around, but none of the other ones had enough recovery (lycra content) to make good undies.  (Can you imagine sagging underwear?  Ugh!)

So Zo undies - side with overlapping elastic

I think my elastic joins are improving, but I don’t think they’ll ever be perfectly neat simply due to the nature of overlapping (the top layer will always be a little shorter).  The overlapping on my previous two paris seems to have held up well in the wash, so I think I’ll stick with it!  The pattern instructions would produce a neater finish, but I don’t like that little bump of elastic seam allowance on the inside.

And now, prepare yourself for an Allspice Abounds first: a photo of me in my underwear!  Serenity now!!!

So Zo undies modeled

I figure the undies are opaque and don’t show any more skin than a bathing suit would, so there’s nothing too risqué going on here.  : )  Now you can see how they actually fit on a real body.  I like this pattern because the undies provide a comfortable amount of coverage without looking frumpy.  In the stripes, I actually think they’re pretty cute!

I’m sure there will be more handmade undies on this blog, but for now I’ve switched gears and am working on a Renfrew maxi dress.  Will this be the summer of jersey?  There’s just something about hot, humid weather than makes me want to drape myself in flowing cascades of jersey.

Have you made any undies yet?  They seem to be popping up all over the place lately – I love it.  : )

17 thoughts on “More handmade undies

  1. They look fabulous! I love them. Cute and casual. I haven’t made undies yet, although I have rubbed off a pattern from a pair of knickers that were, well, let’s say not long for this world. Hope to try to make up some more soon They’re so great because they use up so little fabric!! Good job.


    • Thanks Kat! They’re definitely stash-busters and perfect for those knit scraps that you can’t bear to throw away. Good luck and have fun if you decide to give them a try!


  2. They’re really cute! I love the striped ones. 🙂 I’ve been kind of tip-toeing around undergarments because they’re so … small and seem to require a bit attention to detail (and that’s not my strong suit at all). On the other hand, to have me-made undies would be awesome!


    • Thanks, the striped ones are my favorite too. 🙂 This pattern is actually not very fiddly at all – it’s great for a first try at sewing lingerie. Getting the hang of the fold-over elastic is pretty easy, and that’s the hardest part of the whole process!


  3. These look great on you and I can see why you recommend the pattern! I haven’t tried underwear at all but there have been lots of people recently posting about bras and undies so it is making me think I might give it a go!


    • Yeah, all the Sewaholic posts are getting people excited about lingerie sewing (myself included)! I’d like to try some fancier patterns at some point too. Good luck if you give them a try – this pattern is pretty basic and a great place to start.


  4. They look great! I especially love the striped ones. Thanks for being brave enough to model them – now I want to try the pattern since I can see how they fit! You’re right, they have just the right amount of coverage.


    • Thanks Chantal! I really wanted to model them because I think they look much better on a body than lying flat on a table. I was pleasantly surprised when I first tried them on because they look a little frumpy on their own, haha. I deliberately cut off my head in the modeled shot though, just in case. 🙂


  5. Hi Carolyn,

    Love your knick knacks. The elastic join looks very neat from here, I’ve been doing mine the other way and its a bit clunky but most of my problems stem from applying the FOE. Its very haphazard but I’ve stopped pulling the elastic on my last few pairs as you recommended and its made a difference. We’ll have drawers full of these lovely undies soon.


    • Thanks Maeve! I’m so excited that you’ve been making some too! I agree that stretching the FOE is trickier than not stretching it. As long as the undies aren’t too big, I think not stretching is the way to go. Will you be sharing your undies on your blog?? 🙂


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