Welcoming spring with a Liebster

Spring RTW outfit - close up

Spring has sprung!  The weather over the past two days has been absolutely glorious: sunny, warm, and without a trace of humidity.  We only get a handful of these days in Boston each year, so I’m trying to savor them!  To celebrate, I wore one of my favorite warm-weather outfits yesterday: a pink polka-dot cardigan, blue tank top, and teal striped jersey skirt.  I didn’t make any of this, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your much-loved RTW garments, right?

I love the combination of bright, cheery colors, and since it’s all made from knits, the comfort level is extreme.  The cardigan gives me a little warmth for the air conditioning at work, while the flowy skirt allows for plenty of breeze circulation (ahem) when outdoors.  I barely own any black clothing, and this outfit is a great reason why: life is more fun in color!

As if the beautiful spring weather, chirping birds, and overwhelming sea of flowers weren’t enough, I’ve been nominated for a second Liebster!  Kat of The Couture Academic was kind enough to think of me, which was pretty delightful since I consider Kat to be one of my long-lost sewing kin.  We’re both scientists (Kat with a PhD and me on my way), we’re both tall and often make the same pattern adjustments, and we both enjoy sewing at a relaxed pace.  Thanks so much for the nomination, Kat!

Liebster blog award

As usual, I’m not going to follow many of the rules of the award, since it seems that Liebsters are spreading like mating bunnies these days.  : )  I will, however, answer the fun sewing-related questions that Kat posed to her nominees.  Hope you enjoy these tidbits about me!

1) Do you talk to yourself when you sew?

Yes, and I also talk to my cat.  Can never have enough one-sided sewing conversation.  : )

2) If a genie popped out of your sewing machine to grant you ONE sewing wish, what would it be?

More TIME to sew!  There is never enough time…

3) What’s the one sewing gift you’d like to receive from your partner/friend/family this coming Christmas?

A serger.  Ironically, John generously offered to buy me one for my birthday this year, but I wouldn’t let him because it was too expensive of a gift.  Am I crazy or what??

4) Do you sew more with Big 4 or Indie patterns and why?

I think I’m an equal-opportunity pattern buyer.  If I like the style and think it will fit me without too much overhaul, I’ll buy it regardless of the designer.  In general though, I don’t buy many patterns and tend to make repeats of select patterns that I enjoy.  Sewing on a budget and all.  : )

5) What’s the longest amount of *continuous* time you’ve spent in your sewing room?  What were you working on?

01 Red polka dot dress - finished       Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - finished

I’ve definitely spent entire days sewing, breaking for meals and sleep of course!  Two occasions that come to mind are (1) working on my first dress during some time off work, and (2) marathon weekend blazer-sewing sessions last summer.

6) Has a sewing project ever made you cry?  If so, which one?

Nope.  I tend not to take my sewing very seriously.  It’s my hobby, after all.

7) What percentage of your wardrobe is hand made?

Maybe about half at this point.  I’m getting there!

8) If you were given one hour to spend with a sewing or designing mentor, who would it be?

Nancy Zieman

Nancy Zieman.  This woman is the BOMB.  I mean, look at that pose!

I grew up watching her PBS show, and I love her confident attitude and entrepreneurial spirit.  My Dad always used to ask me if I watched Sewing With Nancy after I got home from school each day, and the answer was always YES.

9) Describe your aesthetic in three four words.

Simple.  Sleek.  Slightly androgynous.   I like clean lines and slim silhouettes… and I’ll always love wearing cargo pants.

10) Cat or dog?

Bright happy dress - Maggie helping

I love both, but currently Maggie is the queen of my sewing table.

11) What’s your favorite season for sewing clothes for?

I don’t think I have a favorite.  Summer clothes are quick and easy, and winter clothes are filled with fun challenges.

Spring RTW outfit - full shot

Well there you have it.  : )  I’ll leave you with another photo of my cheerful spring outfit, just because looking at it makes me happy.  Hope you’re enjoying the change of seasons, whether you’re welcoming spring or fall!  And thanks again to Kat for the lovely Liebster!

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