Crocheted granny square slippers

Granny square slippers - 2 pairs

I’ve been taking a little break from sewing lately, and instead I picked up an old friend that I can hang out with while relaxing on the couch in post-work exhaustion: crochet.  Do you ever feel like sewing is such an active hobby?  Lately all I feel like doing after work in the evenings is curling up on the couch like a big blob.  But I still want to do something… so out came the yarn.  : )

These crocheted foot coverings are the Purl Bee‘s Granny Square Slippers, a cute little pattern to wrap your feet in handmade warmth and coziness.  I had made a pair for myself (the pink/purple/yellow version) several years ago and just recently unearthed them from the depths of my knitting bin.  John noticed them in my apartment last week and humbly requested a pair for himself… and who am I to refuse such a request?  So I whipped up the men’s version (maroon/blue/gray) over the past few evenings.  Quick and easy!

Granny square slippers - womens front Granny square slippers - womens back

My slippers are made with Lion Brand Cotton Ease (nothing fancy!) and a size H/5.00 mm hook.  I worked three rounds of double crochet and joined the squares with single crochet.  All completed in a handful of evenings (if I remember correctly… this was at least 4 years ago).  Hooray for finally blogging old projects.  : )

Granny square slippers - womens front on feet Granny square slippers - womens back on feet

Although they don’t look particularly foot-shaped when flat, they actually conform to the curves of my feet quite well.  Not to mention the fact that they’re surprisingly warm and cozy.  The perfect accessory for a cold Boston spring that refuses to get going already.  (Universe, are you listening?  It’s almost May.)

Granny square slippers - mens front Granny square slippers - mens back

I think John’s slippers came out even better than mine.  I used Paton’s Classic Wool that I got at Michaels (again, nothing fancy) and a smaller crochet hook: F/3.75 mm.  I worked four rounds of double crochet instead of three, which made the slippers bigger for John’s feet, but the smaller crochet hook ensured they didn’t get too big.  I like the look of the smaller stitches and tighter texture in this pair.

Granny square slippers - mens front on feet Granny square slippers - mens back on feet

Since John’s slippers are 100% wool, they’re actually quite warm.  According to his nightly slipper reports (yes, I ask him about them nightly…), they do indeed keep his feet pretty toasty.  I love hearing that my crafty projects are getting some good use.  : )

Granny square slippers - 2 pairs on happy feet

Here we are modeling them together – cute!  Unfortunately neither one of us thought ahead and wore socks that even remotely coordinate with the slippers, but I guess it’s good for full disclosure on the ol’ blog.  This is real life, people.  : )

After yet another long day at work, I’m off to veg out on the couch in my newly rediscovered slippers.  May all your feet be toasty tonight as well.

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