Share your small sewing blog!

Liebster blog award

Breaking blog news: I was recently honored with a Liebster Award by the lovely Tutti, and it was such a wonderful surprise!  Tutti, thank you so much for stopping by, reading about my crafty adventures, and taking the time to nominate me for the award.  It made my day!  : )

I hope Tutti doesn’t mind, but I’m going to break protocol, not follow any of the rules for the award, and make up my own instead.

Share your small sewing blog

In the spirit of the award, “Discover new blogs,” I’d like to invite you to share your small sewing blog with us in the comments of this post.  That way, we can all discover each other!  You can define “small” however you’d like.  Feel free to leave a link to your blog’s homepage and/or a post about one of your favorite sewing projects.  The more commenters, the more blog love we all get to share!

I don’t know about you, but the majority of my sewing blog reading tends to focus on larger, more popular blogs, simply because they’re easy to find since everyone is talking about them, linking to them, buying new patterns from them, etc.  While I enjoy reading big/professional blogs and learn so much from these sewing experts, I also really love reading smaller/personal blogs.  There’s something about small blogs that harks back to the original blogs of the early 2000s, when sponsorships were rare and bathroom mirror shots were the norm.  They always feel so personal and inviting, as if I’m chatting with a friend in their living room about our shared passion for craft.  What’s not to love about that?

So, if you have a small sewing blog or know someone who does, please chime in below!  It’s my hope that we can all make some new friends and pull up a comfy chair in our virtual living rooms… perhaps with a cocktail in hand.  : )  And if there’s enough interest, I’d consider doing a round-up post so we can all see each other’s beautiful faces.

P.S. – Extra bonus points go to any male sewing bloggers – we really want to meet you!

28 thoughts on “Share your small sewing blog!

  1. Hi. My blog is small *waves wildly from a tiny corner in internet world*. I’d love to reach a wider audience and am a curvy plus size sewer.


  2. My blog is small (… and erratically updated). I sew real clothes and LARP costume.

    Thank you for this – it’s a lovely idea and I’d love to get to know more sewing people.


  3. you’re right–the early 2000s blogs were so enjoyable, especially the bathroom mirror pics. My blog started as knitting and running, but has morphed into sewing as well: Hope you enjoy it!


  4. Wow, thanks everyone for such a fabulous response!! I think a round-up post is definitely in order. 🙂 Looking forward to reading all of your blogs and getting to know you. This is what’s so great about the online sewing community – making new friends and sharing ideas and inspiration. Yay!


  5. I blog at, but I’m not really sure what is considered small. I don’t get many comments, so I think it is small. I’ve been blogging since early 2007, but split my sewing from my personal blog in 2010.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Jilly! It’s always great to “meet” new bloggers and share ideas and inspiration. So glad you’ve enjoyed reading about my projects – I’m headed over to your blog to check yours out too! 🙂


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