Spring Archer – finished!

Spring Grainline Archer - finished

My Spring Archer is complete, and isn’t it so cheerful?  : )  I had such a great time sewing this shirt, really taking my time with each step to make sure everything came out as well as I could make it.  The finished garment is extremely comfortable, casual but still crisp, and just bright and pink enough to tide me over until this never-ending winter is finally behind us.

Spring Grainline Archer - front

Project Stats:

Pattern: Archer button-up shirt by Grainline Studio, View A shirt with View B cuffs.

Fabric: Shot cotton in a peachy pink, with a polka dot quilting cotton for the pocket.  Both fabrics and the pretty peach-colored buttons are from Gather Here.

Modifications: Many, many small fitting adjustments, detailed here for my previous Archer.

Level of crafty satisfaction: This shirt puts a smile on my face every time I look at it!  🙂

Click here for previous Archer posts, including more details on construction and modifications.  I don’t have much to say about this pattern that I haven’t said before, so enjoy the photos below and the happy spring colors!

Spring Grainline Archer - side Spring Grainline Archer - back

There is definitely a lot of ease in this shirt, even with my fitting adjustments.  Ideally I’d prefer a more fitted shirt, but I specifically left the extra room so that I could move around comfortably in the shirt.  The ease in the upper back and the extra-long sleeves ensure that the shirt keeps me warm and allows me to get through the day without feeling constrained.  Both are huge improvements over RTW button-downs that never fit me right!

Spring Grainline Archer - open sleeves down Spring Grainline Archer - open sleeves up

I really like how the shirt looks with the sleeves rolled up, which will happen a lot more frequently once the weather warms up.  (It’s going to warm up at some point, right?)  Wearing rolled-up sleeves makes me feel like I’m ready to get down to business, whether it’s work, sewing, or something in between.  I like to get my hands dirty, what can I say.  : )

Spring Grainline Archer - sleeve cuff button placement

As I mentioned last time, I used a different method for the sleeve plackets this time around.  While I love the professional look of the plackets, I realized later that they actually widen the bottom circumference of the sleeve by about an inch.  Wowza!  To compensate, I had to really overlap the edges of the cuffs, as you can see by the button placement above.  These buttons are my second try, after sewing them too close to the edge the first time.

If I make another Archer (oh who are we kidding, of course I will!), I’ll remove 1 inch from the bottom of the sleeve seam to compensate for the extra inch added at the plackets.  Lesson learned.

Spring Grainline Archer - sleeve cuff detail open

Can you see how much I had to overlap the plackets?

Spring Grainline Archer - sleeve cuff detail closed

They don’t look too bad when closed, but the upper placket doesn’t quite lay flat due to the big overlap.  Also, I might shorten the length of the plackets next time, and/or add a small button to keep them closed.

Spring Grainline Archer - collar detail

The collar.  Well.  I’m pretty happy with how this one came out, if I do say so myself.  : )  I managed to tuck in all the raw edges at the ends of the collar stand, and the topstitching came out nicely all around.  I went really slowly and used a lot of pins, and the clean result was totally worth it!

Spring Grainline Archer - diagonal front

Here I’ve paired my Archer with a simple tank top and cargo pants… and some lipstick, solely for blogging purposes, LOL.  I love this look, and it really works for my lifestyle (i.e., workdays in the lab, walking all over the city carrying heavy bags of groceries, etc.).  I also like that it’s a little androgynous, which has always been a comfortable style for me.

Spring Grainline Archer - diagonal back

As many of you have already figured out for yourselves, this pattern is a keeper!  I’ll leave you with a side-by-side comparison of both of my Archers thus far.  I’ve been trying really hard to choose solid colors for separates to maximize wearability.  If the frequency with which I wear my blue Archer is any indication, I think I’m on to something here.  : )

Oxford and Spring Archers togetherHere’s hoping for some spring weather in Boston!

2 thoughts on “Spring Archer – finished!

  1. This definitely looks like a keeper pattern. Wonderful job on the collar – especially the topstitching at the collar points!
    I love the happy spring colors too.


    • Thanks so much Kim! : ) I went pretty slowly with the topstitching, using the edge of my presser foot as a guide and moving my needle over until I was happy with the position. I feel like the collar points are the most visible part of the shirt – they’ve got to look good!


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