Knitting progress from afar

Deep texture tunic in progress 2 Deep texture tunic in progress 1Hello from the west coast!  I’ve been away on a work trip all week in the lovely state of Washington, and I’ve been working on a new Deep Texture Tunic.  I wanted to take a knitting project with me for the long plane rides and boring nights in the hotel, and I had all the supplies for another sweater already in my apartment, so there you have it.

My apologies for the absolutely awful photos here – I don’t have my proper camera with me!  But hopefully you can see my progress so far: the sweater is knit from the top down, so the neckline is at the bottom of these photos (collar to be knit later).  In the bottom photo, I’ve put the stitches for the sleeves on waste yarn, so I’ve got a whole lotta torso to knit on the plane rides back this weekend.

Hope you’re all having a good week!  It’s been super cold and snowy here, and I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again.  I’ll post better photos once I get home, promise.  : )

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