A super funky dress in the works, man

Cuttinig Sgt Pepper dress - fabric

After a really long and stressful week at work, including working on my birthday yesterday (which I hate doing!), I finally had a Saturday afternoon to myself to indulge in some much-needed sewing therapy.  And look at what found its way to my sewing table!  This EPIC FABRIC SCORE from Gather Here – a funky late 60s Alexander Henry print called “In Crowd.”

This fabric is so me – I loved it instantly.  It reminds me of the Beatles, only the later, drugged-out, hippie Beatles.  The soundtrack for this fabric is basically anything from Sgt. Pepper, but especially “Within You Without You,” one of my all-time favorite, super-trippy Beatles songs.  Hence the birth of the Sgt. Pepper dress.  Love it already.  : )

In a very rouge move, I decided to make yet another Butterick 5353 dress, despite the fact that I already have two of them (here and here) and I hardly ever wear dresses.  After making so many practical, solid-colored separates lately, I just wanted to make a fun printed dress.  So sue me!  In my defense, I’m fully lining it with Bemberg rayon to make it wearable with tights in the winter, which would bring my winter-appropriate dress count from 0 to 1.  See, it’s totally practical after all!  Also, I already own at least 1 cardigan that will match with it, so I have an outfit all set.  So there.  : )

Cutting Sgt Pepper dress - scraps

It took me all afternoon to cut out this dress because (a) there are so many pieces between the dress, lining, and interfacing, and (b) I attempted to print-match the outer pieces.  MAN was that a huge pain in the ass!  I really admire other sewists who do this all the time and nail it.  I had 1.75 yards of the print, and I used up practically all of it.  Nothing but tiny scraps left!  Matching the print really ate up a lot more fabric than I would have used otherwise, so hopefully all my efforts will be worth it.

The yellow is a plain Kona cotton for the waistband of the dress, to inject a little pop of color.  I’ve been really digging the black/white/gray/yellow color combination these days.  Classic yet fun!  And the lining is Bemberg rayon in white (not “super white” or “silk white”) from Vogue Fabrics.  I had originally planned to line it in black, but the white print really needed a white lining since it was a little transparent.

Cutting Sgt Pepper dress - all pieces finally cut

You can’t really tell how many pieces are here because I’ve piled them all up, but trust me, there are a bunch!  I’m so happy that all the cutting and interfacing are over.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy cutting, but I enjoy sewing a lot more.  You know how it is.

Cutting Sgt Pepper dress - attempt at print matching

Here’s a little preview of my attempts at print matching.  The top piece is the front neckband, in which I tried to center one of the faces vertically and horizontally at the center front.  I like how that chick has a sexy raised eyebrow, meow.  For the back neckband pieces, I vertically centered the faces and tried to line up the face edges with the center back seamline, where the zipper will be inserted.  We’ll see how it all works out once I sew them up.

Maggie acting as sewing supervisorAnd finally, here’s an “action” shot of Maggie in her role as sewing supervisor.  You can see she’s half-asleep and perched on the back of my chair monorail-style.  When I get out of line she bats me with her spare paw, ha.

So what do you think of this super funky print?  Are you feeling the Sgt. Pepper vibe like I am?  I might have to learn how to do a cat eye to go with this dress.  : )

4 thoughts on “A super funky dress in the works, man

  1. Oh gosh, that is such a cute fabric! ❤ Also, I admire your dedication to match up the pattern, I'm too impatient for that,..


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