I’ve been Archer-ing

Archer in progress

I’ve been off from work this week with essentially no plans other than loafing around, watching trashy daytime tv, sipping coffee, and sewing.  Can it get any better than that?  : )  I wanted a project that I could really sink my teeth into while I had the time, so I picked up the ever-popular Archer pattern and got to work.  The only other button-down shirt I’ve made was this one for my Dad at exactly this time last year, so I figured it was about time I made another one… and for myself this time!

This shirt has eaten up nearly all of my time this week (not that I’m complaining), having gone through two muslins and several rounds of pattern adjustments.  Phew!!  Making muslins is one of my least favorite parts of sewing, but it’s a must for a fitted woven garment like this.  I’m not quite sold on the boxy fit, even with my alterations, but I’m reserving final judgment until the shirt is completely finished.  Just have to sew on the buttons…

The best part about this project is the fabric – no surprise there.  : )  I’m using a crisp Oxford chambray that I picked up at Gather Here last weekend, along with a Liberty floral print for the front pocket.  I’m in love with the blue color combo and classic look of the Oxford shirting.  I mean seriously, I want to roll around naked in this fabric.  No shame.  : )

Think I’ll finish it in time for Archer Appreciation Month?  Technically it ended in December, but Jen just announced that we have until January 10th to post photos to the Flickr pool.  We’ll see!

Maggie's sweet faceIn other news, today was a snow day here in Boston, and I spent a lot of quality time cuddling with this sweet kitty.  Maggie says, “Stop sewing and give me some treats already.”

Hope you’re all staying warm and dry!  Stay tuned for my finished Archer, along with all my modifications and copious ramblings.  You know, as usual.  : )

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