Handmade Christmas tree 2013

Christmas tree 2013 02

It’s that time of year again… time to bust out my miniature fiber-optic Christmas tree and load it up with handmade ornaments!  Have I ever mentioned how much I love this little tree?  Oh right, I have.  Well, I’m just going to do it again if that’s all right with everyone.  : )

This tree is particularly special to me because it’s the tree that my grandparents used to put up at their house in Brooklyn every year, where my family and I would gather for the holidays.  It’s the tree that Santa used to put my presents underneath as a kid, and it’s the tree that countless photos were taken with while my brother and I were growing up.  Such fond memories!  I love that it’s been in our family for so long, and I love that my grandmother passed it down to me.  The fact that it has psychedelic built-in fiber-optic decorations is just icing on the cake.

Christmas tree 2013 01

Here’s the decorated tree as it currently sits in my apartment, in all its fiber-optic and handmade glory! I made all the ornaments and decorations a few years ago, and I’ve really been enjoying the eclectic mix of fabric, paper, and miscellaneous craft supplies that make up the menagerie.  The only thing that I didn’t make myself is the “Baby’s First Christmas 1980” ornament, which I inherited from my parents at some point.  Well, now you all know exactly how old I am.  : )

Christmas tree 2013 04

The ornaments are a mix of fabric yo-yos secured with star-shaped buttons (these took FOREVER to make since I didn’t have a sewing machine at the time) and some simple paper crafty decorations, like the nested hearts you see above.  The green paper crane is really special to me, as my grandfather taught me how to make them when I was a kid, and he said he learned how to do it when he was overseas during WWII.  The wings flap when you pull the tail.  How delightful!

Christmas tree 2013 03

One of my favorites is the cream-colored star in the top left of this photo, which I made using an online tutorial that I’m sure I’ll never find again.  Essentially, you carefully cut up little squares of wrapping paper and use very tiny pieces of tape to hold it all together.  I really needed elf-sized fingers to do it properly, but I do love the result.

Christmas tree 2013 05Another favorite is this pipe cleaner snowflake with clear beads at the tips.  It was super easy to make, and I love how it gives the tree a little bit of bling.  Haha.  Don’t all Christmas tress need bling?  I also made a very simple garland out of white pom poms strung onto a piece of hand sewing thread.  Cute!  And kind of snowy.  It makes me smile.

This was the second year that John and I decorated my tree and put up lights in my apartment together, and I like how it’s becoming a little tradition for us.  He insisted on full creative control of light placement around my windows and doorways, because apparently I have too many “rules” for decorating the tree.  Who, me?  That can’t be right.  : )

Anyway, hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season!  Do you have special decorations that go up every year?

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