I made my entire outfit today – yeah baby!

Handmade outfit - Renfrew and BeignetHalfway through the day today I realized that I had made my entire outfit.  How awesome is that?  I really wanted to bust out a little happy dance in the middle of my lab, but thankfully I managed to restrain myself… and wound up doing it in the bathroom instead.  : )

I wore my burgundy V-neck Renfrew with my navy Beignet and cream sash, along with an infinity scarf I crocheted last winter out of some awesome Manos (unblogged) and my blue and white handmade earrings.  I knew when I got dressed in the morning that I was wearing a me-made top and skirt, but I had totally forgotten about the scarf and earrings.  What a nice surprise!

A few weeks ago I talked about working on my everyday wardrobe and being more thoughtful about the garments I choose to sew, and slowly but surely, it’s all starting to come together.  Granted, my outfit today is pretty similar to the one I wore on Tuesday, since I tend to make multiples of the same patterns.  But you get the idea.  Handmade multiples are still better than RTW, right?

Fun fact: I wore this outfit to work all day, came home, changed, ate dinner, and settled in for the night… and then decided I really wanted a picture after all.  So I dug it all out of the laundry and got dressed again, at 10 pm, just for you.  You’re welcome.  And my face is totally covered in zit cream.  : )

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