Colette Beignet in winter caramel – finished!

Colette Beignet caramel twill - front

After a few days of waiting for the sun to come out (it didn’t) and waiting to be home during daylight hours (I wasn’t), I just said SCREW IT and photographed my finished Beignet indoors after work.  I tried, people!  Sometimes you just can’t win.  So please excuse the wrinkles in the skirt and any “I just got home from work and really want to eat dinner now” looks on my face.  Ok?  : )

00 Colette Beignet pattern art

Project Stats:

Pattern: Colette Beignet, a high-waisted, fitted skirt.

Fabric: Cotton twill in a rich caramel for the shell, and Bemberg rayon in teal for the lining.

Modifications: Same as for my navy Beignet, grading the pattern for my non-existent hips and doing my own thing for the hem.

Level of crafty satisfaction: Love it!  I feel so confident and put-together wearing my Beignets.  I didn’t think I would like this pattern, but it turned out to be awesome.  Yay!

Click here for my in-progress post, or keep on going for a deluge of photos.  : )

Colette Beignet caramel twill - showing lining

Oooh la la, peek-a-boo lining!  What do you think of my very fall-colored outfit?  I’m wearing my burgundy Renfrew #3 (after it’s minor surgery), forest green tights, and a brown fabric belt that I made to go with the skirt.  (I also made a teal belt to match the lining.)  I think I like this look!  I wore it to work today and felt pretty snazzy, for whatever that’s worth.  : )

I don’t really have anything new to say about this pattern that I didn’t already say last time, so I’ll just show you the photos and chime in occasionally…

Colette Beignet caramel twill - right side Colette Beignet caramel twill - back Colette Beignet caramel twill - left side

Blargh, so many wrinkles!  Sorry folks!

Colette Beignet caramel twill - buttons close up

This photo is a little washed out, but hopefully you can see a little more detail than in the full-body shots.  I picked up some brown buttons at Gather Here and am quite pleased with how they came out. I don’t know why it’s so hard to find buttons in Boston, but man, it really is!  I struck out at Windmill Fabrics and Michaels, and since Windsor Button (the Boston button mecca) closed, there are very few button left to be had.  Geez!

Colette Beignet caramel twill - pocket close up

I like how the teal lining peeks out from the pocket as I move around in the skirt.  I just love that color!

Colette Beignet caramel twill - inside out front

And let me tell you, there is NO friction between that rayon lining and my tights.  NONE.  I am in awe of the magical powers of Bemberg rayon and will be lining all my garments with it from now on.  Seriously.  If you’ve never tried using it, head on over to Vogue Fabrics right now and scoop some up!  It’ll be worth it, I promise.

Colette Beignet caramel twill - inside out back

I love this caramel and teal color combo so much that I’m thinking about making an inside-out Beignet to show off the awesomeness.  I think the curved seams in the front are pretty rockin’, and it would certainly be a statement piece!

Colette Beignet caramel twill - catch stiching hem

Here’s how I finished off the hem (contrary to the pattern instructions).  I catch stitched the twill along the entire hem line…

Colette Beignet caramel twill - finished hem and lining

… and then slip stitched the lining on top of it.  The finish is fairly clean, and more importantly, I can try on the nearly-finished skirt to make sure the hem is exactly where I want it.  The pattern instructions tell you to start hemming way too early for my taste.  No big deal, I just did my own thing here.

Colette Beignet caramel twill - belt loops

And aren’t these belt loops adorable?  : )  I cut my own belt loop pieces because the pattern piece was too small and fiddly…. and I topstitched the seam instead of having to turn the loops inside out.  I just didn’t want to fight with them!

Now here’s where things start to get weird.  Sometimes during these photo shoots I start to run out of poses, and I really don’t know what to say about the resulting awkwardness.  Feast your eyes on these babies:

Colette Beignet caramel twill - questionable pose

OMG what am I doing here.

Colette Beignet caramel twill - gangsta pose

And what is this?  Gangsta??

Colette Beignet caramel twill - diagonal poseOH YEAH!!  I’m really feeling the Colette awesomeness in this shot!

Anyway, I really love my new caramel Beignet, and I’m happy to have some handmade items that actually go well together now.  I’ve been trying to be more aware of what I’m making and how well each item will fit into my wardrobe.  I noticed that I have some brown/burgundy/orange garments that I can mix and match, and some blue/red/white pieces as well.  If I stick to these two color families, maybe I’ll have an easier time putting together outfits in the morning?  We’ll see.

For now, I’ve got another handmade skirt in the drawer – yay!

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