Camel and teal Beignet: in progress

Camel Beignet in progress - assembled shell and lining

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US!  I’m off from work today and tomorrow, and I’m taking the opportunity to bang out another Colette Beignet.  I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of my navy version (see this post), and I’m looking forward to adding a rich camel-colored version to my winter wardrobe.  The camel fabric is a cotton twill from JoAnn’s, and I’m using Bemberg rayon in a rich teal for the lining.  I love this color combo.  : )

I cut out all the pieces last week, and last night I assembled the shell, the lining, and the facings… not to mention ironing on all the interfacing.  Does anyone actually enjoy that step??

Camel Beignet in progress - on my sewing table

BTW, here’s an updated view of my sewing space, now that I’m getting more sunshine in my apartment (thanks, falling leaves!).  You can see that it’s pretty cramped, but surprisingly it works for me.  The folding table sits between the bathroom door to the left and my front door to the right, and although it blocks traffic, the only traffic in my apartment is me.  Ha.

Camel Beignet in progress - lining joined to facing

Anyway, back to the skirt.  This morning I tackled the daunting task of attaching the lining to the facings.  The only reason I call it “daunting” is the tricky curved seam in each upper corner.  It’s really not that bad as curved seams go, but it definitely requires a lot more concentration and fiddling than an ordinary straight seam.  It took me 25 minutes just to pin the seam!  Ha, I sew so slowly.

Camel Beignet in progress - lining inserted rounded corner

But despite all the fiddling, I’m pretty pleased with how the curve came out.  Both curves on this skirt came out better than on my navy skirt, so at least I’m improving.  : )  Also, since the lining on my last skirt wound up being a little too wide, I chopped off 1/2 inch in width this time, and the lining went in perfectly.  Those little adjustments make all the difference.

Camel Beignet in progress - shell joined to lining and facings

Next I attached the outer shell to the lining and facings, which went pretty smoothly.  The only tricky bit here is the understitching near the top corners, since you physically can’t stitch all the way to the point.  I found that I can get to within about an inch of the corner, which is good enough for me.  Oh, and did I mention that I love the color combo on this skirt?  Just sayin’.  : )

Camel Beignet in progress - corner inside out

Like last time around, I decided to do my own thing for the hem, since I just find it more straightforward than the pattern instructions.  I took these pictures to remind me what I did at the bottom corners.  Basically, I marked and pressed up the hem, then folded the facing over and stitched at the hemline.  Then I cut away the bit of fabric at the corner (to reduce bulk), and turned the whole thing inside out.

Camel Beignet in progress - corner right side out

Here’s what the finished corner looks like – not bad!  Notice that I had stopped about 2 inches short when sewing the lining to the facing.  This prevents the lining from being permanently attached right down to the hemline.  Instead, I can tack it down by hand so that it stops above the hem, ensuring that it won’t peek through to the outside of the skirt.

Camel Beignet in progress - waiting for hem

The skirt is now waiting for a proper hem on the shell and lining, buttons and buttonholes, belt loops, and a skinny fabric belt.  Getting there!  I neglected to shop for buttons and belt fabric before the holiday, so that’ll have to wait until Saturday when the stores open again.  No big deal, I have plenty of other skirt-making stuff ready to go in the meantime.

Maggie is thankful for sunshineMaggie and I have been enjoying our quiet and sunny Thanksgiving at home, and I’m looking forward to a delicious dinner tonight… at a restaurant!  This will be the first time I haven’t cooked on Thanksgiving, and I have to say, I like it.  : )

Hope you enjoy the holiday (or your Thursday)!  Stay tuned for a finished skirt sometime soon.

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