Fashion embroidery progress #1: ooh la la legs

Fashion embroidery progress 1 - full view

Work on my vintage McCall’s 8680 embroidery has begun!  I don’t have much progress to show just yet, but I’m happy with the way it’s coming along so far.  The illustration on the pattern envelope was just so fabulous – how could it go wrong?  : )

Fashion embroidery progress 1 - leg detail

I started with the model in the center, beginning with the legs and shoes.  The legs are two shades of peach, stitched in rows of split stitch and outlined in a slightly darker shade in backstitch.  I’m pretty sure I accidentally switched the shades of peach compared to what I had originally planned, but I’ll fix that on the other 2 models.  Oops!  I’m also not crazy about the horizontal rows at the top of the legs.  Next time I’ll just end the vertical rows right at the hem of the dress; no “going around the corners.”  Other than that, I really do like how they came out.

The shoes are split stitch in medium pink, outlined with a darker pink in backstitch.  For both the legs and shoes, I used 2 strands of floss for the filling stitches and 1 strand for outlining.

Fashion embroidery progress 1 - dress and glove detail

Although the dress is solid pink on the original pattern envelope, I decided to do a floral print for my embroidery.  No good reason for doing this – I just wanted to.  : )  The flowers have 6 lazy daisy petals in medium pink and a white french knot in the center.  The dress is outlined in a darker pink in split stitch.  I used 2 strands for the dress outline because I wanted it to stand out more than the outline of the legs and other body parts.  The fashion is the focus of the piece, after all.

The white glove came out ok – not great, but hands are so difficult to get just right!  I outlined it in 1 strand of gray backstitch and filled in the white with 2 strands of satin stitch.  The index finger is a little pointy, no?  Haha.

I did the glove and dress outline before starting to fill in the flowers based on my previous embroidery experience.  I find that having a crisp outline really makes the finished piece stand out, and it’s easier to do that when you have a nice open canvas.  Filling stitches can be fudged a bit to work around the outlines.  It’s the opposite order of what comes intuitively to me, but it works well.  : )

Fashion embroidery progress 1 - color paletteAnd finally, here’s my color palette for the entire piece, along with a color photocopy of the original pattern envelope.  I’m trying my best to stay true to the original palette, or as close as I can get without driving myself crazy.  I’ve got shades of brown and yellow for the hair, peaches for the skin, and pinks and greens for the dresses.

I was supposed to have worked on this during a set of cross-country flights this past week, but suffice it to say that my travel plans changed at the last minute and I didn’t have nearly as much down time as I had planned.  Oh well.  Hopefully I’ll find some good couch time to work on it at home.  : )

Happy weekend everyone!  Hope you’re enjoying some crafty down time today.

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