Renfrew #8: leopard print cowl

Sewaholic Renfrew 8 leopard print cowl - finished - color adjusted

I almost can’t believe I’ve made 8 Renfrews, but there you go!  This latest top is made from a leopard print jersey that I ordered online from Mood a few months ago.  I don’t have much brown in my wardrobe, so this top was a welcome addition for fall.  And doesn’t it look so nice against the background of yellow leaves?  : )

Sewaholic Renfrew 8 leopard print cowl - front

My one major complaint about this top is the fabric.  The dark-colored leopard print design is printed on white cotton jersey, and the print reads very “white” unless you’re a few inches away from it.  I don’t think I would have purchased it if I had known this in advance, but those are the perils of online shopping I guess.  I very rarely buy or wear anything black because I find that it fades quickly and starts to look old and ratty, which is exactly what’s happening with this top… and I’ve only worn it once so far.  Live and learn.

Sewaholic Renfrew 8 leopard print cowl - back

Project Stats:

Pattern: Sewaholic Renfrew, with cowl neck (View C) and long sleeves (View A).

Fabric: 100% cotton leopard print jersey from Mood.  I *just* squeezed this top out of 1.5 yards.

Modifications: My own slew of little modifications.  You can try to follow them in these posts.

Level of crafty satisfaction:  Really like the pattern; not crazy about the fabric.  If the print were darker and more saturated, I would like it a lot more.

Sewaholic Renfrew 8 leopard print cowl - side

I think I’m done with Renfrews for now, as I’ve exhausted my mini-stash of jersey, and I have a new mini-stash of skirt fabric and patterns lined up.  I would definitely come back to this pattern again though.  It’s a great basic top and fits into my lab wardrobe really nicely.  Plus, I think I’m a cowl neck convert now.  I didn’t see that one coming.  : )

Sewaholic Renfrew 8 leopard print cowl - top detail

I really like how my hair looks in this photo – the curls are so smooth and well-behaved!  If only it stayed like that all day.  (In random hair-related news: a female employee at the grocery store recently saw me putting a few bottles of mousse into my cart and commented on how expensive it was to purchase so much hair product.  I was like, lady, try dealing with my crazy hair for ONE DAY and then make that comment again!)

Sewaholic Renfrew 8 leopard print cowl - bottom detailSee?  The fabric isn’t bad up close – it just looks a little faded from any distance outside of my personal space.  Oh well!

My drawer of Renfrew is now complete, at least for the time being.  Many thanks to Tasia for such a versatile pattern that seems to look great on everyone!

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