Sewing projects to swoon over

SwoonSometimes I come across a finished project post and time stands still for a moment.  The beauty and execution of these projects is just so divine, or the style and color are right up my alley, or the project is a glorious example of a project I’ve had in mind for ages but am too scared to attempt.  Whatever the reason, I wind up picking my jaw up off my desk, wiping the drool from my chin, and bookmarking the post for my future gazing and swooning enjoyment.

Lately my bookmarks have been adding up, so I figured I’d share some favorites with you so that you can swoon along with me.  Not all of these projects are recent, but they’re swoon-worthy nonetheless.

  • Archer shirt by Lucinda of Sew Wrong (October 2013).  I love the blue floral print and the classic look of the finished shirt.  (BTW, she’s a local Boston sewist – woo hoo!)
  • Simplicity button-up shirt by Kristy of lower your presser foot (Septebmer 2013).  How awesome is that Liberty print?  And just like Lucinda’s shirt, the finished look is so classy and elegant.
  • Pencil skirt, also by Kristy (November 2013).  Clearly I have a thing for small-scale prints.  I love the fit of this skirt and the double kick pleat in the back.  Classy and sexy at the same time.
  • Bow-tie blouse and ruffled skirt by Katy of No Big Dill (October 2013) – one of her entries in Project Sewn.  I’m not surprised she won.  : )  I love everything about this outfit, from the black-white-mustard color combo to the ridiculously awesome ruffled skirt.  Apparently I need a ruffling foot… like right now.
  • Black ruffled skirt, also by Katy (October 2013) – another Project Sewn entry.  All I can say about this ruffled masterpiece is WOW.  I can’t imagine any occasion in my life for which this skirt would be appropriate attire, but nonetheless I want one in every color.
  • Robson trench by Lauren of Lladybird (May 2013).  This project has been finished for a while, but I find myself going back to it over and over.  Blue lace + trench coat + exquisite execution = SWOON.
  • And finally, the brand-spanking-new Georgia dress pattern from the gals at By Hand London (November 2013).  It’s not a finished project (yet), but I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.  This is possibly the first indie pattern to catch my eye right from the get-go.  I love the fitted silhouette and thick straps of Variation 3, and I can easily see myself making 10 of these babies.

So there you have it – go check ’em out!  I didn’t swipe anyone’s photos because I like to play nice, but do click through to the individual posts to see the swoon-worthy gorgeousness that has me all hot and bothered.  What great sewing inspiration!

What’s your favorite swoon-worthy sewing project?  Share with us in the comments.  : )

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