Renfrew #7: red zebra FAIL

Sewaholic Renfrew 7 red zebra - finished

I made another Renfrew, this time in a red zebra print jersey from Mood.  The cutting and sewing process went off without a hitch, but I have a feeling that this fabric and pattern just aren’t meant to be.  I can’t decide if I should add this to my ever-expanding drawer of Renfrews, toss it in the good will pile, or somehow turn it into a clown costume and earn a few bucks at children’s birthday parties.

The official diagnosis: way too bright/busy of a print for this top, unflattering vertical stripes, and slightly-too-tight fit due to the relative non-stretchiness of this jersey.  Womp womp.

Pattern: Sewaholic Renfrew, View A (round neckline with long sleeves).

Fabric: Cotton red zebra print jersey from Mood.

Modifications: Same as for my other Renfrews; essentially a Frankenstein at this point.

Level of crafty satisfaction: FAIL.

Sewaholic Renfrew 7 red zebra - right side

There is just way too much going on here.  I love love love this fabric, but I think I may have turned it into a ridiculous looking shirt.  OOPS.

Sewaholic Renfrew 7 red zebra - back

Argh, the back is too tight and wrinkly.  It’s amazing how different jersey behaves and stretches so differently.  I cut out exactly the same pieces for my last few shirts, and each one fits a little differently. Because this jersey doesn’t stretch as much (I think because the red ink is heavy and somewhat immobilizes the fabric), it came out tighter than my other shirts.  I am crying a single tear…

Sewaholic Renfrew 7 red zebra - left side

I can’t decide if this looks like a red zebra print, a hospital candy striper uniform, a holiday / peppermint / candy cane costume, or the aforementioned clown getup.

Sewaholic Renfrew 7 red zebra - fashion failClearly this top is a head-scratcher.  What do you think?

[And lest you blame the fabric, check out this fabulous dress at Goodbye Valentino.  I am not worthy.]

7 thoughts on “Renfrew #7: red zebra FAIL

  1. I love the fabric, and yes it looks a little tight across the back but it’s definitely wearable.
    I think would look good with some white cut offs in the summer.
    Hang into it, if you don’t I’ll go on a massive diet so it fits me! 😃✂️😃


  2. I agree that it is a little busy, but still, the fabric is great. Could you perhaps turn it into a sleeveless top? I find that such busy prints often work better when there are no sleeves.


  3. If you don’t mind making the top a bit shorter, I’d recommend taking the band off the bottom since, to my eye anyway, it’s the break in the print at the bottom that is discordant. Otherwise I really like it!


    • Thanks for the feedback, Barbara! I don’t think I can make the shirt shorter without exposing some skin, but maybe I can just always wear it tucked in. Gotta make it work! 🙂


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