Colette Beignet in navy twill – finished!

Colette Beignet navy twill - finished

My navy twill Beignet is finished, and I have to admit, I LIKE IT!  : )  I wasn’t sure what to expect of this experimental foray into a high-waisted Colette pattern, but I’m certainly pleasantly surprised by the outcome.  I think the skirt is classy but casual, which is exactly the kind of thing I need in my wardrobe.  It’s comfortable and casual enough for everyday wear, but it still looks put together.  Phew!

00 Colette Beignet pattern art

Pattern: Colette Beignet, a high-waisted, fitted skirt.

Fabric: Navy cotton twill for the shell; pink Bemberg rayon for the lining.

Modifications: The skirt sits below my natural waist, which I prefer over the very high-waisted original design.  Fortunately this worked out automatically since I’m on the tall side (5’8″).  I cut about a 10 in the waist and about a 0 in the hips, essentially removing almost all of the curvature in the hips/seat.  I did my own thing for the hem, since it just made more sense to me that way, and I drafted my own pieces for the belt and belt loops.

Level of crafty satisfaction:  I dig it!  I really wasn’t sure how this was going to work out, but I’m happy to say that this project gets the thumbs up.  : )

Click here for the in-progress posts, including more detail on fitting modifications and my alternate hemming method.

Lots more photos below – I went overboard as usual.  Enjoy!

Colette Beignet navy twill - hands behind back

If you Google “Colette Beignet,” you’ll find that I’m not the first person to put this exact outfit together.  There’s just something about a navy skirt with a blue and white striped shirt… and a little pop of red.  I dig it.  This is how I envision wearing the skirt this winter – with a long sleeve shirt and tights.  And yes, that’s my striped Renfrew.  I also made my earrings (the 2nd pair in this post).

Colette Beignet navy twill - right side Colette Beignet navy twill - back

My worries about having over-fitted the rear end have thankfully dissipated, as I think it looks pretty good in the photo above.  It’s definitely very fitted back there, but the twill gives it a lot more structure than the muslin.  Crisis averted!

Colette Beignet navy twill - hand on hip

I like how the skirt is straight when I’m standing still, but it can take on a slight A-line shape when I jut out my hip.  I’m also pretty happy with the length – above my knee, but not by too much.  I’m always tempted to make skirts much shorter, but I have to keep reminding myself that I’m a full-grown lady and want to keep it classy.  One day this line of thinking will be automatic, right?  Right??  : )

Colette Beignet navy twill - skirt close up Colette Beignet navy twill - hand in pocket

The skirt has pockets, but they sit about an inch too low and are a little awkward to get into.  This is a direct result of wearing the skirt lower on my waist than the original design.  Next time I have to remember to move them up a bit!  Um, and grade the seam allowance at the waist.  Oops.

Colette Beignet navy twill - back shaping

Here you can see the curvaceous bum area.  I don’t have many curves to work with, but I do like the close fit in the back.  But argh that waist seam!  I’m just noticing it in the photos.

Colette Beignet navy twill - summer close up

I can also easily see myself wearing this skirt during warmer weather, without tights.  I made two belts – one red and one white – thinking that the white one might go with more tops than the red.  I also wanted the white one for more summery outfits.  I love the look of tying the belt in a bow at the front – so cute!

Colette Beignet navy twill - summer front

Why do I make such weird faces/poses?

Colette Beignet navy twill - summer back

Ready to board the yacht?  Where’s my cocktail?  : )

Colette Beignet navy twill - summer right side

You can see the yellow pocket lining peeking out here.

Colette Beignet navy twill - spread out on table

I took a few photos on the sewing table to show you some of the details…. although I don’t promise that my execution on this project is stellar.  In fact, it’s definitely not.  Oh well!

Colette Beignet navy twill - folded hem detail

You can read about my hemming method in this post.  To even things out a bit, I decided to do a folded hem like I did on my blue blazer.  I think it makes the too-wide lining look a little more polished, since you don’t see the slip stitches and slight gathering once the hem is pressed and folded over.

Colette Beignet navy twill - button detail

When sewing on the buttons, I made sure to wrap the thread around a bunch of times so that the buttons would sit flat when the skirt is buttoned up.  I used a matchstick (see this tutorial), which worked out perfectly!  Oh, the little things we learn from each other.  : )

Colette Beignet navy twill - button side view

See how the buttons kind of pop up above the surface of the twill?  I love that little detail.  BTW, please ignore the huge piece of cat fur in this photo.  Fur was bound to show up somewhere, despite my aggressive de-linting ahead of time.  : )

Colette Beignet navy twill - pocket detail

The yellow pocket bags don’t really match the red belt, but do you think I care?  I’ll give you one guess.

Colette Beignet navy twill - on hangerSo there you have it!  If you made it to the end of this post, congratulations.  I barely made it myself!

Here’s to another finished garment in the drawer.  And another Beignet to come….?  : )

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