Navy Beignet in progress

Beignet in progress - front

I made a lot of progress on my Beignet this weekend thanks to some much-needed down time.  Yay for weekends!  I’m using the navy cotton twill that I picked up at Joann Fabrics last week, and I’ve been really enjoying working with this fabric.  I love the heaviness of this “bottom weight” cotton; it really gives the skirt a lot more structure and wintery appeal than a regular woven cotton would.

At this point I’ve completed the construction of the outer skirt and the lining, and I’ve made some easy machine buttonholes down the right front panel.  Still left to do: sewing on the buttons, adding belt loops, and making a thin fabric belt.  I’m getting there!

Beignet in progress - lining

The Bemberg rayon has been a dream to work with.  A DREAM.  The hand is deliciously smooth, it glides over my tights with absolutely no static or pulling, and it’s amazingly breathable.  I think this is the first time I’ve had a garment (handmade or RTW) with a non-synthetic slippery lining, and I noticed the difference immediately.  It’s so cool!  No sweating!  Love it.  Yes, the rayon is a little shifty and slippery when cutting, but I managed to keep everything in line without too much trouble.  I’m a total Bemberg convert now.  : )

My main mistake with lining this skirt was that I didn’t properly adjust the lining pieces after making my adjustments to the outer skirt pieces.  I tried to line up the outer pieces with the lining, but they don’t line up very easily, and I couldn’t figure out where to cut.  I took a guess and wound up with lining pieces that were slightly too wide — hence the gaping and pooling you’ll see in these photos.  No biggie – no one will see it.  But now I know for next time.

Beignet in progress - lining attached by hand

Because the lining pieces were too wide, my lining attachment on this project was not my best work.  I could be annoyed about this, but surprisingly it really doesn’t bother me.  My slip stitching (which you can see above) attempts to gently gather the bottom of the lining so it’ll fit.  It’s a little wonky.  Whatever.

What did annoy me, however, was that the pattern has you start hemming the skirt way too early, in my opinion.  I don’t know about you, but I like to try on a nearly finished garment to see how it looks and adjust the hem from there.  The hem is almost always the very last thing I sew.  Here, Colette has designed quite a professional looking hem, at the expense of having to start the process well before you can try on the skirt.  Obviously I ignored those directions and did my own thing.  : )  I left the hem unfinished until all the skirt and lining pieces were sewn together, and then I catch stitched the outer hem and slip stitched the lining on top.

Beignet in progress - lining attached at lower corner

This alternate hemming method requires stopping your stitching line an inch or two early when sewing the front lining to the front facing, which thankfully I remembered to do.  I then did my slip stitching on the lining piece and called it a day.

Beignet in progress - pocket detail

Just for fun, I used some yellow polka dot fabric for the pocket bags, leftover from my yellow dress.  You can also see from this photo that the twill attracts Maggie’s fur like a magnet.  Awesome.

Beignet in progress - front opened upThis skirt is moving right along!  I’m still not 100% convinced that I’m actually going to enjoy wearing this style of skirt, but I’m cautiously optimistic at this point.  The project is a bit of a Monet with the too-big lining, and I’m not thrilled with my first Colette experience, but I think it *might* just work out ok in the end.  Fingers crossed.  : )

2 thoughts on “Navy Beignet in progress

  1. Hi Carolyn,
    I’m following your progress and wanted to say how your beignet is looking super. I’m planning on making my own in a few weeks…. That pattern has been sitting unused for quite literally forever, but you’ve inspired me to fetch it out and fit it up. Looking forward to seeing your FO 🙂 Elle


    • Thanks Elle! How exciting that you’ll be making one too! What kind of fabric are you using? My skirt is basically done at this point, just waiting for some free time for a photoshoot. Hopefully I’ll get it up on the blog this weekend. Have fun with your skirt adventure! 🙂


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