Beignet muslin (aka does this make my butt look fat?)

Colette Beignet muslin - front

My little sewing experiment is in full swing here at Chez Allspice.  I’ve completed my Beignet muslin, my first official foray into Colette Patterns, and the results so far are… dubious.  Colette is definitely not drafting for my body type (tall with little curvature in the bust and hips), so we’ll see how my attempt at altering the pattern works out.  I’ve decided to move ahead and make an actual skirt, but I’ve gotta say, I’m not convinced this is going to go well.  Then again, experiments are all about taking a chance, right?  : )

The muslin doesn’t look bad from the front.  I removed almost all the fullness in the hips, resulting in nearly straight pattern pieces from the wait to the hem.  (Thanks, genetics!)  Also, since I didn’t add any length in the waist (a standard pattern alteration for my tall frame), the skirt sits quite a bit lower on me than the original design.  That’s fine with me because I don’t like super high-waisted garments, but I think it results in the skirt looking a little “off.”  What do you think?

Colette Beignet muslin - side

The skirt winds up sitting right at my navel rather than higher up on my abdomen, which again is fine with me.  BUT, I feel like it draws attention to where my stomach “poufs” out rather than hiding this area under the fullness of the skirt.  Hmm.  Maybe it’ll look better when I add a belt?

Colette Beignet muslin - back

Now, the real “oops” in my pattern adjustments was that I think I made the back a little too tight in the waist/hips/seat area.  I was aiming for a close-fitting, flattering fit, but it was only after looking at these photos that I noticed all the strain lines and general “potato sack” appearance of my rear end!  Ha!  What’s that?  You want a closer look?

Colette Beignet muslin - back close up

Whoa nelly!  I don’t think I have room to gain one pound in there.  OOPS!!  Of course I cut out my real fabric pieces before noticing this, so like I said earlier, we’ll see how it all works out…. I’m dubious at best.

Just to give you an idea of how much I adjusted the pattern, I wound up cutting about a size 10 in the waist and a size 0 in the hips.  That’s a difference of 5 sizes!!  The waist of the skirt is sitting below my natural waist, hence the larger waist size than usual, but it just goes to show how much smaller my hips are compared to the Colette template (even taking into account my over-zealousness in fitting the hip area).

Tissue paper scraps

Anyway, I transferred all my adjustments to the pattern pieces (which I had traced onto tracing paper), resulting in this mess of scraps on the floor.  Phew!  This is one of my least favorite parts of sewing.

Adjusted pattern piecesBut I did finally wind up with finished adjusted pattern pieces in the end.

I’ve already started sewing up the skirt and will have more photos coming soon, but man, I’m so curious to see if this winds up being a disaster or not.  The suspense is killing me!  Also, I placed my first ever order of Bemberg rayon for the lining, which should be arriving in my mailbox this afternoon.  I’m excited to try it out after all the great things you’ve had to say about it!

Stay tuned… hopefully this skirt won’t be another epic sewing fail

2 thoughts on “Beignet muslin (aka does this make my butt look fat?)

  1. You are right. Sewing is always a learning experience with garment made (good or bad) we learn something new that helps in our next garment. I was once told that sewing is a skill (like baking bread or riding a bike or writing) which must be practiced again and again to gain any sort of expertise. So hang in there and go Beignet 🙂


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