Sewing expedition to Plymouth, MA

Joann's haul - fall skirt fabric

Confession: I don’t think I’ve done any real sewing for the past two weeks!  Eek!!  This past week was an absolute whirlwind of work and traveling and general exhaustion, but thankfully the weekend is now here.  : )  I had to drive down to Cape Cod for work yesterday, and I decided to make a little side trip to Joann Fabrics in Plymouth along the way.  Yay!  Now, Joann is a discount fabric and craft store, and is generally not something to get overly excited about, but since I don’t have access to one without a rental car, I was pretty excited to be able to stop by yesterday.  Behold my haul!

(BTW, for any history enthusiasts out there, Plymouth MA was the site of one of the first American colonies and the site of the first American Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately all I saw was the mall, ha!)

Anyway, back to the fabric.  I picked up some cotton twill in a warm brown and navy, which I think (?) will become some Beignet skirts.  I love the heaviness of these fabrics and am looking forward to being wrapped up in warm skirts on cold winter days.

Joann's haul - poly blends

I also picked up some polyester blends (I know!) since I’ve come to the realization that wool is way out of my budget.  Sad but true.  On the left is a houndstooth in beige, brown, and navy.  I love the warm tones and the look of the houndstooth, so who gives a crap if it’s not wool!  If I remember correctly, the content is 64% polyester, 34% rayon, and 2% spandex.  The fabric on the right is a 100% poly suiting fabric with a subtle gray woven pattern.  I’m picturing this as a pencil skirt.

Joann's haul - skirt patterns

I had been eyeing these two simple skirt patterns online and decided to scoop them up in person while I had the chance.  Simplicity 1760 is a pencil skirt with a kick pleat (awesome!), and Simplicity 1717 is a super simple A-line skirt with oversized patch pockets.  I’m not sure how I feel about the pockets, but I love the clean lines of this skirt, and I generally like how A-line skirts look on me.  Exciting!

Joann's haul - interfacing and notions

I also picked up a few notions, including three yards of interfacing, some 1/2 inch twill tape, needles, and thread.  I had WAY more stuff in my cart when I got to the register (it’s so easy to accumulate stuff in a huge sewing warehouse!), but alas, I gave some stuff back once I saw the final cost.  Curse this grad student salary!  I managed to keep the grand total at 100 bucks – not bad.

Ironically, Joann had a pattern sale last week – $1 per pattern! – that I just missed.  I cried a river of tears… haha.

Anyway, I had a ton of fun shopping and am pretty happy with my haul.  Having a rental car for the day was so liberating!  : )

Colette Beignet muslin in progress

Just about the only sewing that I’ve done lately was to slap together this Beignet muslin last Sunday.  I’m still in the process of fitting it (more to come on this in a later post) and am pleased to say that I like the look of this style on me.  My only complaint is that Colette seems to be drafting for a much curvier woman than me, so the adjustments are more extensive than I was expecting.  Nothing too bad though.

Maggie in the sunshineAnd finally, now that the leaves are starting to fall off the huge tree right outside my apartment, we’re finally getting some decent sunshine indoors.  Maggie is enjoying it.  : )

Hope you had a great week and got more sewing done than I did!

2 thoughts on “Sewing expedition to Plymouth, MA

  1. I often meet with friends on Friday a spot close by. Yesterday, our plans changed so I was not in Plymouth! I agree, that is a nice Joann’s and it has a wider selection than the Joann’s closest to me. When they closed the Kingston Mall location, the Hanover store was the only location on the South Shore, so this has been needed.

    BTW, if you travel to the Cape again there is a Joann’s on Rte. 132 in Hyannis at the Christmas Tree shops…and if you quilt…Tumbleweed’s Quilts is also on Rte 132 at the intersection of Rte. 6A, about 10 min. away, heading East. A good place to eat is at the Beehive in Sandwich, along 6A. (Fabric shopping requires sustenance.) 🍲


    • Thanks for the tips, Ellen! I usually don’t travel that far out on the Cape (my colleagues are in Falmouth/Woods Hole), but it’s good to know for more vacation-style trips. : ) I’ve never been to the Joann in Hanover, but man, the one in Plymouth was huge!

      Too bad I missed you yesterday – if I ever have plans to be in the area again on a Friday I’ll be sure to let you know!


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