Columbus Day weekend sewing experiment

Colette Beignet patternMy apologies for the lack of posts this week, but I’ve been doing a lot more thinking / pondering / planning than sewing in the last few days.  The Renfrew gravy train is starting to stall (big surprise after 6 in a row!), and I realized I want more winter skirts in my wardrobe.  After hemming and hawing and generally not getting anywhere, I decided to take advantage of the 3-day weekend here in the US and do a little sewing experiment.

Now.  I am generally not a fan of experimentation when it comes to sewing (i.e., trying out a pattern without being fairly certain that the style will suit me).  I am also generally not a fan of Colette Patterns.  Now before you start yelling at me… I have absolutely nothing against Sarai or her awesome team, and I’m a devoted reader of Coletterie, but their vintage-inspired garments are just not really my thing.  No biggie.  

However.  I’ve been seeing a lot of super cute Beignet skirts around the sewing blogosphere lately, and I’m in love with the idea of a wintery button-down skirt in a nice twill, tweed, or corduroy.  I’m picturing myself prancing around Boston in my buttony skirt, opaque tights, and tall boots… and generally being adorable and fancy.  You know how it is.  : )

I’m very dubious about the super high-waistedness of this skirt, since high-waisted anything and I have never been friends.  BUT, I decided to drop the 15 bucks and give it a try, since I’ve got a long weekend ahead of me and plenty of muslin already stashed in my apartment.

And I’m sick of sewing Renfrews.  For now.  : )

Any predictions as to the outcome of my little experiment here?  Disaster?  Brilliant success?  A high-waisted muslin flying out of my apartment window in a fit of despair?  Hmmm….


8 thoughts on “Columbus Day weekend sewing experiment

  1. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I have this pattern too, but I started having second thoughts because I normally prefer fuller skirts, so I haven’t made it yet. I think the silhouette will really suit you!


  2. You will LOVE this skirt. I sewed it in a denim at the beginning of summer and I have worn it a lot. it is the skirt I reach for again and again. The sizing – at least for me- is right on RTW so I didn’t need to fiddle with the fit. I did however do a different pocket than the pattern side hip pockets. I really don’t need ANYTHING calling out from my hips!


    • Haha, I hear that! Glad to hear your denim skirt is getting so much wear. : )

      I really do love the look of this skirt, but so far I’m finding that Colette is definitely not drafting for my body type. I don’t have enough curves to fill out this skirt!


  3. I’ve been eyeing up this one and the Kelly skirt by Megan Nielsen – most likely I’ll end up buying both so I’m definitely interested in seeing how your turns out! I’m actually making a denim version of the Moss skirt by Grainline as well. I’m on the hunt for some corduroy but haven’t had much luck but I’m thinking anyone of these skirts in corduroy would make the perfect fall/winter skirt with a pair of leggings and boots!


    • My thoughts exactly. : ) The Moss skirt is super cute as well, and great for wearing with tights since it’s on the shorter side. I love being able to wear shorter skirts in the winter!


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