Renfrew #6: my first attempt at stripe matching

Sewaholic Renfrew 6 blue striped cowl neck - hand on hip

Guess what?  I made another Renfrew.  Shocking!  Real life conversation between me and John the other night:

John: “You know, when you made the first shirt and said you wanted a whole drawer full of them, I kinda thought you were kidding.”


Six down, with fabric for two more on deck.  This is the Sewaholic pattern that just keeps on giving!

Instead of rambling on about yet another version of this awesome shirt, I’ll just show you the pictures and try to shut up.  : )

Sewaholic Renfrew 6 blue striped cowl neck - finished Sewaholic Renfrew 6 blue striped cowl neck - side Sewaholic Renfrew 6 blue striped cowl neck - back

This was my first time working with stripes (and therefore my first time attempting to match stripes), and I did ok for my first try.  I used Tasia’s tutorial on stripe matching and follow-up tips, but I still had some slippage and mis-matching.  I did a good job cutting out the pieces and I pinned every other stripe (SO many pins!), but I think my top layer of fabric kept shifting forward while sewing – hence a slight mis-match.  I wonder if a walking foot would fix this problem – any thoughts?

Sewaholic Renfrew 6 blue striped cowl neck - stripe matching 1

As you can see, sometimes I achieved awesome stripe alignment and harmony…

Sewaholic Renfrew 6 blue striped cowl neck - stripe matching 2

… and sometimes I didn’t.  The above sleeve isn’t bad, but it was annoying to have a mis-match after all that pinning.  Truth be told, the mis-match really doesn’t bother me at all while I’m wearing the top, but it would be nice to be able to do things properly, you know?

Sewaholic Renfrew 6 blue striped cowl neck - washed out outside

I tried to be a good blogger and take photos outside, but I got totally washed out by the white stripes, my khaki shorts, and my insanely white legs.  And geez, why did I wear such short shorts here?  I guess I threw them on quickly just to run outside, as I usually hang out in PJ pants in the house.  Haha, oh well.

Sewaholic Renfrew 6 blue striped cowl neck - rainy day shot

This outdoor shot is slightly better, but you can see how dark and rainy it was this past weekend (and today, for that matter).  Gotta give me some credit for attempting the outdoor photoshoot anyway!

Sewaholic Renfrew 6 blue striped cowl neck - close upI’m really digging the stripes here and can imagine many MANY more stripey tops in my future, but to be honest, I’m starting to think about my next project.  Gasp!  Horror!  Am I getting ready to ditch the Renfrew gravy train?  Haha, not yet, but I do find myself daydreaming about some handmade pants.

Yes, PANTS.  I know.  You can stop laughing now.  : )

We’ll see.  I still have 2 more Renfrews to go… both of which involve animal print.  Oh baby!

11 thoughts on “Renfrew #6: my first attempt at stripe matching

  1. Hi Carolyn! My Renfrew pattern still sits in the envelope, so you’re putting me to shame with your lovely makes! I am getting thoughts of looking for red velour, does that count?? Your stripe-matching looks great, BTW. A walking foot might help in some cases or adjusting the presserfoot pressure, but the angle of the sleeves & curved seams will naturally affect the way stripes match around a 3-dimensional body. I think you nailed it here. I like.


    • Ooooh, a red velour Renfrew?? Go for it!! I wanna see!! : ) As for the stripe matching, I didn’t expect it to be perfect around the armholes, although I noticed that one of my RTW striped tops achieved this, which was kind of annoying, haha. Good luck with your tops!


  2. Your top looks great! The fabric is so sunny, too. Perfect to wear for when winter sets in and it will remind you of sunny days ahead. Don’t fret about the stripes not lining up exactly. No one is going to notice and once you put the top in your Renfrow rotation you probably won’t notice either. What you will notice is that you have full drawer full of great tops -made by YOU!


    • Haha, yes exactly! I’ve already been enjoying my drawer of handmade tops, even though it’s only about half full at this point. : ) And I do love this sunny striped print – it makes me smile.


  3. Great job with the stripe matching! I think I may have to attempt that soon, and I don’t have a walking foot either, so I’m a bit nervous. I too have plans for a drawer full of Renfrews. I’m up to three (four if you count my first disaster with a waffle knit – that stuff stretches!).


    • Thanks Chantal! And yay for more Renfrews! These tops are just so quick to make and so versatile for everyday wear. I’ve never tried sewing with waffle knit, and it sounds pretty scary (but also pretty comfortable to wear). Good for you for trying a challenging fabric right out of the gate though! : )


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