Luscious magenta tie-dyed jersey

Luscious magenta tie-dyed jersey

OMG I am so in love with this fabric!  No joke, when it arrived in the mail, I wrapped it around myself and pranced around my apartment in my makeshift magenta toga while squealing and giggling like a little girl.  : )  It’s a tie-dyed 100% cotton jersey from Mood, and I got 1.5 yards to make another Renfrew.  I cannot WAIT to wear this top and prance around places outside my apartment!

(BTW, do you recognize my blue polka dot blazer in the background?  It’s been getting a lot of wear now that fall has arrived in Boston.)

Using my new pattern weights

And check it – I used my new pattern weights while cutting out the pattern pieces.  They’re awesome.  I even tried shifting around the fabric a bit, and everything stayed perfectly in place.  Those babies weren’t going anywhere!  The pins on the bottom really make a huge difference, especially compared to soup cans.  Ha.

Pieces cut for Renfrew #5I decided to make a long-sleeved cowl neck top, and I just barely squeezed out all the pieces from my 1.5 yards.  It was close!!  Also, since the tie-dyed fabric had interesting areas here and there, I tried to cut the pieces to feature the little bursts of white or interesting striations of pink.  I didn’t have too much freedom because my yardage was limited, but I definitely gave it some thought as I was placing the pieces.  I’ll be curious to see how they all work together in the finished top.

Stay tuned for more tie-dyed goodness.  Hope you’re all having a relaxing weekend!

2 thoughts on “Luscious magenta tie-dyed jersey

  1. Lookin’ forward to seeing it! That fabric is fabulous! Pattern weights are just great aren’t they. I use 2cm nuts from the hardware store, but yours are much nicer! My friend spray painted hers bright pink and they look so industrial chic! 🙂 Good luck with the make.


    • Industrial chic pattern weights – awesome! I don’t think I would have spent the money on buying special pattern weights, but it’s a different story when they’re free. : ) I’m sure the nuts work great – they just have to be heavy!


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