Renfrew #4: V-neck in burgundy

Sewaholic Renfrew 4 V-neck - finished

Are you getting sick of seeing Renfrews on this blog yet?  Oh good, me neither.  : )  Feast your eyes on my 4th version of this super versatile top, this time with a V-neck in the same luscious burgundy jersey that I used last time.  And do you see my matching lipstick?  Yes my fellow sewists, I busted out the lipstick for you once again.  You can thank me by wearing your own fabulous lipstick out and about!  I feel a lipstick obsession coming on…  ok, wait, back to sewing.  : )


Project Stats:

Pattern: Sewaholic Renfrew (I know, again), with V-neck (View B) and long sleeves (View A).

Fabric: Cotton medium-weight jersey from Mood.

Modifications:  I’ve pretty much Frankenstien’d (is that a word?) the pattern at this point.  Who knows what’s going on in there anymore!  You can try to figure it all out in my other four posts.  Good luck.

Level of crafty satisfaction:  Love it.  This top is so simple and quick to make, and it fits so seamlessly into my everyday wardrobe.  I wore this bad boy to work today, and I was cuddled in handmade coziness all day.  Plus I think I looked pretty good.  Score.  : )

Sewaholic Renfrew 4 V-neck - right side

Now I could go on about how the sleeves came out a little too long and how I still can’t get a perfect fit in the shoulders, but I’ve come to an important realization: it’s just a t-shirt.  I’ve been wearing all 4 of my Renfrews quite a bit lately, and you know what?  All the little alterations and fit imperfections don’t seem to matter very much.  All I care about is that I made some super comfortable and easy to wear tops!  So there!  No more complaints for the rest of this post.  No really.  Only rainbows and sunshine from now on.

Sewaholic Renfrew 4 V-neck - back

OMG, look how awesome it looks from the back!  Wow!  I made a long-sleeved t-shirt!  Woo hoo!

Ok, maybe I went a little overboard with that whole “not complaining” thing.  : )

You can see that I put basically zero thought into styling this outfit, as I’m wearing olive cargo shorts with a burgundy long-sleeved shirt.  It’s ok.  You get a chance to see how thrown together I look on a daily basis.  Welcome to my life!

Sewaholic Renfrew 4 V-neck - neckline close up

Here you can see how nice and flat the base of the V-neck came out.  I had a little trouble getting the point to lie flat when attaching the neckband, but some aggressive pressing and careful topstitching fixed that right up.  Like magic!  I’m starting to realize that jersey is super forgiving.  Here you can also see my lipstick (again) and the handmade earrings that I mentioned a few posts ago.  I love those blues!

Sewaholic Renfrew 4 V-neck - front

Am I feeling smug in my new shirt?  Who, me?  No, that can’t be right…  : )

Sewaholic Renfrew 4 V-neck - blurry head shotAnd just for fun, here’s a blurry shot of my face.  I love how the blurriness makes my skin look so much better.  If only I could blur myself in person…

So there you have it, another Renfrew into the drawer!  This train ain’t stoppin’ anytime soon, as I’ve got a whole pile of jersey waiting to become more tops.  Renfrewitis is such an aggressive ailment… I may never be cured!

5 thoughts on “Renfrew #4: V-neck in burgundy

    • Oh you should totally give it a try! I was so scared of knits at first, but this pattern makes it so easy. Being able to work with knits opens up a whole new world of sewing. You can do it!! : )


  1. I love this version on you – very flattering! I’m currently working on a long-sleeved round-neck Renfrew, and I’ve been meaning to try out the v-neck version, but it looks so much harder. Your “v” looks so perfect. I’ve been enjoying seeing your many iterations of this pattern so far!


    • Thanks Chantal! The V-neck was definitely a little harder and required two attempts, but I found that topstitching made all the difference. I had a little extra fabric at the base of the V after sewing on the neckband (it was tough to set it in properly), but I managed to stretch out the excess and topstitch it flat. I just ran the shirt through the wash, and it’s still flat – phew! I’d recommend practicing on a scrap first… i.e., what I should have done. : )


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