A surprise sewing box of treasures!

Sewing box of treasures

John’s mom was in town visiting this weekend, and guess what?  Not only did she bring me a little surprise gift, but it was a box full of sewing-related goodies!  How incredibly thoughtful of her!  : )  I’m sure I squealed with excitement (seriously) and thanked her about 100 times when she gave it to me.  Apparently she used to sew back in the day, and she wanted to pass along her remaining sewing notions to someone who would actually use them.  Awesome!

[This gift was accompanied by a bowl full of fresh tomatoes from her garden, which didn’t stick around long enough for me to photograph.  They were delicious.]

Let’s look inside the box and see what kind of crafty goodness is in there!

Sewing box of treasures - edge-stitching foot with adapters

First up, an edge-stitching foot with all sorts of adapters for various types of sewing machines.  Apparently this package was never even opened!  I like how it says “as seen on tv.”  I wish there were more sewing-related infomercials these days… you know I’d be all over that.  : )

Sewing box of treasures - hat and mitten pattern

A hat and mitten pattern, which I assume is from one of Martha Stewart’s magazines based on the “good things” header on the side of the page.  I like how the instructions have you create the pattern by tracing around your hand – how practical!  Martha is so DIY.  One day I will become her… [insert evil laugh]…

Sewing box of treasures - lots of goodies

And look at all this other great stuff!  A full set of 8 pattern weights, a tracing wheel and 3 colors of tracing paper (white, yellow, and blue), a buttonhole foot, and some navy double-fold bias tape.  Squeal!!!  I had been using cans of food as pattern weights and embroidery pens for marking fabric, so I’m really excited to try out more sewing-specific tools.

Sewing box of treasures - pattern weights close up

The pattern weights definitely have some heft to them, and I have no doubt they’d hold down my pattern pieces and fabric even in the crazy winds that were blowing when I took these pictures.  They also have 3 pointy prongs on the bottom to hold everything securely in place without sliding around.  This is definitely a handy feature that my cans of soup were missing.  : )  Can’t wait to try them out!

Sewing box of treasures - pattern weights packaging

Look, you could even purchase a handy organizer for your pattern weights and rotary cutter!  Awesome.  I love this snippet from the packaging: “You can even slide your project around and everything stays right in place.”  I am totally going to try this.  Now my cutting will be cat-proof.

Sewing box of treasures - tracing paperHere’s a close-up of one of the sheets of tracing paper.  The best part about it is that it’s gently used, presumably by John’s mom back when John was a little kid or something.  How cute!  I wonder what kinds of garments she made with this?  And if she still has any of them for me to check out!  Oh man, I can just imagine the squealing that would take place in that scenario.  It would probably conclude with John’s mom telling him to stay away from me.  : )

Anyway, what a nice surprise gift this was!  Many thanks to John’s mom for thinking of me, and hopefully I didn’t scare her away with my extreme excitement.  You know how it is though – it’s hard to control oneself when in the midst of a box of sewing-related treasures.  Just sayin’.

5 thoughts on “A surprise sewing box of treasures!

  1. What fun goodies! Those weights look handy. I’ve never seen ones with pins on the bottom. I’ve been meaning to make some pattern weights, but now I just use whatever’s handy, books, phone, etc. I did a quick google search but it says “currently unavailable” on amazon for those Olfa weights, so I’ll have to keep looking. Enjoy!


  2. I found 4 of those weights in my mom’s sewing stuff. It has been something like 5 years now for me to find out what in the world they were!!


    • Oh great, how awesome! Let me tell you, I have been using these pattern weights for a few years now, and they are FANTASTIC. They’re nice and heavy, and the prongs on the bottom really hold everything in place. Enjoy them!


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