Renfrew #2: orange short-sleeved version

Sewaholic Renfrew 2 - short sleeves - rounded neck - front

Moving right along to my second Renfrew.  : )  I had purchased 2.5 yards of 59″ jersey and managed to get one long-sleeved version and one short-sleeved version out of it, with very little left over.  Not bad!  Although my second version still doesn’t fit quite right, it’s definitely an improvement over the first.  And hey, I still can’t get over the fact that I’m sewing my own t-shirts!  How awesome is that?


Project Stats:

Pattern: Sewaholic Renfrew, with short sleeves (View B) and rounded neckline (View A).

Fabric: Orange cotton medium-weight jersey from Mood.

Modifications: This time around, I altered the pear-shaped pattern for my decidedly non-pear-shaped body.  I cut a 10 in the shoulders/bust, an 8 at the waist, and a 6 at the hips.  The sleeve caps are a 10, and the sleeve cuffs are an 8.  Waistband is a 6.  (Don’t ask me how I managed to keep all of this straight while cutting.)  I only lengthened the waist by 1 inch this time, instead of 2 inches last time.

Level of crafty satisfaction: I’m happier with this one than with my first attempt, but I still think the shoulders are a little tight, the waist/hips are a little loose, and the top is still a little too long.  I might have to suck it up and do a broad shoulder adjustment to get the top to fit right.  We’ll see.

Overall, I think the top looks a little “floppy” on me.  It’s just not quite as smooth and fitted as I’d like.  What do you think?

Sewaholic Renfrew 2 - short sleeves - rounded neck - back

The straining across the upper back is definitely improved in this version, but it’s still there.  Likewise, I still have excess fabric pooling at the lower back.  I think a little pooling is normal based on the fit of my RTW t-shirts, but this is still a little more than I’d like.

Sewaholic Renfrew 2 - short sleeves - rounded neck - sideWhile I think the side view looks pretty good, I’d like a little more shaping in the front.  See how the top falls straight down from the bust?  I’d like it to curve inward a little bit.  Sadly I don’t have very many curves to show off, but I do have a little under there that’s worth accentuating.  : )

Anyway, maybe I’m being nit-picky about the fit – after all, it’s just a t-shirt – but wouldn’t it be awesome to have a perfect-fitting tee?

Overall, I really do love this top and can see myself making many, many more and wearing them everyday forever and ever.  Well, maybe not everyday, but you get the idea.  This top only took me about 2 hours to cut out and 3 hours to sew, which is a marked improvement over last time.  Getting there!  Knit fabric is growing on me.  : )

Next up: a cowl neck version?  Come on, how can I resist?

2 thoughts on “Renfrew #2: orange short-sleeved version

  1. Wow no.2! Looks great! Love the color, too. I think the fit is really good. A lot of fit in a T-shirt is determined not only by the pattern but also the knit fabric. Some knit fabrics just drape better than others. I guess that is true of woven fabric too, but I think I notice it more in a knit. Now that you are sewing T-shirts – ya gotta do one in EVERY color 🙂


    • Haha yeah, I want a few dozen of these!! I’m definitely noticing the difference in drape among various knits, and I’ll be curious to see how different the pattern will look with a more drapey fabric (maybe I’ll need to take it in a bit?). This orange fabric is not very drapey at all – hard to tell when ordering fabric online!

      The world of knits is so strange and beautiful… : )


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