Renfrew #1: orange long-sleeved version

Sewaholic Renfrew 1 - long sleeves - rounded neck - front

Well what do you know, I sewed my own long-sleeved t-shirt.  : )  This baby’s got a few issues, but can I just say, WOW I can’t wait to sew about 100 more of these.  I have basically been living in long-sleeved t-shirts every winter for my entire adult life (not very fashionable, but super comfortable and practical!), and now I can say goodbye to my yearly trip to the Gap to pick up my annual haul.  Screw you, Gap!  Now I can make exactly what I want, mwhahahaha!!!

Can you tell I’m excited?  : )


Project Stats:

Pattern: Sewaholic Renfrew, View A (long sleeves with rounded neckline).  This was my first indie pattern, and it was such a delight to sew.  The instructions were super clear and gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.  And yes, I know I’m preaching to the choir here.

Fabric: Orange cotton medium-weight jersey from Mood (OMG I love you Mood).  It’s definitely a stable knit, as the pattern recommends.

Modifications: I cut a size 8 and added 2 inches to the waist and 2 inches to the sleeves (all to account for my giraffe-life frame).

Level of crafty satisfaction: Not bad for my first attempt with this pattern.  I didn’t make a muslin (do you even do that with knits?), so there are a few fit issues to work out.  Specifically, it’s too tight in the shoulders/bust and too loose in the waist/hips.  That’s what I get for not modifying a pear-shaped pattern for my very opposite-of-pear-shaped body.  (I think the technical term for my shape is “inverse triangle” – broad shoulders with zero hips.)  I like the longer length of the sleeves, but I think I added too much length to the body of the shirt.

All very fix-able, right?  Right.  Hence the need for (many) more Renfrews.  : )

Sewaholic Renfrew 1 - long sleeves - rounded neck - back

You can see how the upper back is way too tight (holy shoulder blades, Batman!), and I’ve got a ton of excess fabric pooling at my lower back.  I think the shirt is still totally wearable – it’s just a t-shirt after all – but I definitely tweaked the fit a little for my next version (photos coming soon).

Sewaholic Renfrew 1 - long sleeves - rounded neck - sideThe side view is about the same – tight on top and loose on the bottom.  This is the story of my life with RTW clothing, by the way.  No surprises here!  At least knits are stretchy and forgiving, and like I said, it’s just a t-shirt.  I’m sure I’ll be wearing this sucker all winter.  : )

A few technical notes: I used my regular sewing machine for this project since I don’t have a serger, and it worked out wonderfully.  I used the “stretch stitch” on my machine (stitch #8 on my Bernina Activa 210, if you want to Google it) for the seams, and I finished the seam allowances with a regular zig-zag.  I also used a zig-zag to topstitch the neckline as the pattern recommended, and I really like the finished look.  This project cost me about $18 (including pattern, fabric, thread, and shipping) and took me 4 hours to sew.  Let us not discuss how long it took me to cut out the pieces!

Next up: short sleeves, better fit, and my ongoing love of handmade t-shirts.

2 thoughts on “Renfrew #1: orange long-sleeved version

  1. It looks great! I love the orange. 🙂 The Renfrew pattern is awesome – I live in long sleeve t-shirts at home in the winter as well so I’m totally in love with this pattern. But like you, I had to modify the fit too, which wasn’t a big deal at all once I figured out where I needed to adjust it.


    • Thanks Corinne! Glad to find another long-sleeve t-shirt fan. : ) I’ve been wearing them since college with no end in sight. Thankfully the Renfrew is pretty easy to adjust, at least below the neckline.


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