Burgundy pleated skirt for Mom – finished!

Burgundy skirt for Mom - Butterick 5613 - finished

My Mom’s burgundy pleated skirt is all finished!  This was a super quick project – start to finish in just shy of a week.  How’s that for instant gratification??  : )  I know many of you can complete a simple project in just a few hours, but for me, a week is lightning fast.  Hooray for quick projects!

The skirt looks slightly different on me that it will on my Mom, since she’ll wear it higher on her waist, thus making the hem hit right at her knee.  This below-the-knee length feels a little weird on me, particularly since I wear the skirt several inches below my natural waist.  It all feels a little too low.  Well, I guess it doesn’t matter, as long as my Mom likes the way it looks on her!

Butterick 5613 pattern artButterick 5613 line drawing

Project Stats:

Pattern: Butterick 5613, View C, Size 12.

Fabric: Kona cotton in a deep burgundy shade.

Modifications: Same as for my other versions of this skirt (added about 2 inches to the waist and side seams of the skirt to make it sit lower on my hips; made box pleats instead of regular pleats).  Added 3 inches of length to the hem for my Mom’s version.

Level of crafty satisfaction: I’m happy with the construction of the skirt, but not crazy about how it looks on me.  Will reserve final judgment until I see it on my Mom!

Lots more photos below!  I borrowed my work camera (much better than my personal crappy camera) to take these photos – do you notice a difference?  The photos were taken at night (such is my life), but hopefully the quality is slightly improved.

Burgundy skirt for Mom - Butterick 5613 - right side angle view Burgundy skirt for Mom - Butterick 5613 - left side Burgundy skirt for Mom - Butterick 5613 - back

What’s up with my wrinkly elbows??  It’s funny what you notice when you take a picture of yourself from behind.  : )  And no, I couldn’t find a shirt in my wardrobe that was a better match for this deep burgundy… I rarely wear this color!  My royal blue tank top will have to suffice.

Burgundy skirt for Mom - Butterick 5613 - twirling

The skirt is extremely comfortable… and good for twirling.  : )

Burgundy skirt for Mom - Butterick 5613 - on table front

Here it is all laid out on my sewing table.  This is where the better camera is really noticeable — I could never have gotten a picture this bright and color-accurate with my own camera, especially without any natural light.  I didn’t edit this photo at all – amazing!!

Burgundy skirt for Mom - Butterick 5613 - on table back

And the back.  There’s just something about a crisply pleated skirt.  I think it reminds me of my Catholic school days (not that I really want to be reminded of them)!  But I did enjoy the look of a (much shorter) pleated skirt during my high school days.  Rawr.  : )

Burgundy skirt for Mom - Butterick 5613 - zipper inside

As I mentioned last time, the invisible zipper went in like a DREAM with my new invisible zipper foot.  The needle was able to get right up to the zipper teeth with no fuss whatsoever.  If I could marry that zipper foot, I would.  Just sayin’.

Burgundy skirt for Mom - Butterick 5613 - zipper outside

The inside of the zipper looks ok – not as professional as when I include a lining, but not bad overall.  I tried to make it as neat and secure as possible to ensure many wearings and washings for my Mom.  I folded the seam allowances under the zipper tape and topstitched them in place, and I zig-zagged the seam allowance below the zipper to prevent too much fraying.  One day I’ll get a serger to do some proper overlocking.  (Santa, are you listening?)

Burgundy skirt for Mom - Butterick 5613 - waistband facing close upAnd finally, here’s a nice close up of the inside of the waistband at the center back.  I finished attaching the waistband with a few hand-sewn running stitches, and I slip stitched the facings to the zipper teeth.  A little hook and eye finish off the closure.

If you look closely at the photo above, you’ll see 3 different colors of thread – burgundy, pink, and navy blue.  I completely forgot to buy matching thread when I bought this fabric, and I was trying to squeeze out this skirt on a tiny bit of burgundy thread that I happened to have leftover from another project.  I only used the precious bit of matching thread for critical areas (like the hem), and I just made it – phew!

Overall, this was a great project to follow-up my blazer since it was (a) the third time I’ve made this skirt, (b) super quick, and (c) such a simple garment.  Exactly what I needed.

I’ll ask my Mom to send some pictures of the skirt on her so you can see it on the intended wearer.  Now both my parents have a handmade garment – remember the “lumberjack” shirt I made for my Dad?  Now what unsuspecting member of my family will be next?  : )

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