Blue polka dot blazer – finished!

Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - finished

I am absolutely thrilled to present my finished blue polka dot blazer!!!  Ahhhh!!!  : )  This project is truly my sewing masterpiece.  It was a ton of work and took over a month to complete, and I’m so proud of myself for tackling (and completing!) a more complex and technically challenging garment.  And not only did I finish it, but I think it looks awesome!  I really couldn’t be happier with the final result.  Woo hoo, yay blazers!!!

Project Stats:

Pattern: Simplicity 2446, classic tailored blazer.  I cut View A (longer version), size 12, A cup.

Fabric: Blue polka dot cotton; lining is an inexpensive polyester lining fabric.

Modifications: Lots of tweaks, summarized in the in-progress fitting posts.  Major adjustments include adding length at the bust and waist (typical since I’m 5’8″), lengthening the sleeves (total of 2.25″ added!), letting out the back princess seams in the upper back for my wide shoulders, taking in the back princess seams in the lower back to define my waist, and finishing the lining with a hand-sewn and folded hem on the jacket and sleeves.

Level of crafty satisfaction: Super proud of this one!!  Feeling very smug and awesome.  : )

To see all the in-progress posts, including muslins, fitting, and construction, click here.  The individual posts contain more close up images and descriptions of the details of the blazer, including the lapels, hems, sleeve cuffs and vents, etc.

Simplicity 2446 pattern art

Lots more photos below – I always get carried away during these photo shoots!  : )  (Please excuse the wet hair and lack of makeup.  I’m lazy like that.)

Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - finished 2

Gotta love the pockets.  You can’t see it here, but the pocket bags are pink.  Cute!  Check them out in this post.

Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - unbuttoned with pockets Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - right side

Look how nice and looooong those sleeves are – I love it!!  RTW sleeves are always, always too short on me, and I get annoyed in the cold weather when my sleeves are hitting 2 inches above my wrists and the cold air is seeping in.  Screw that!

Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - left side Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - unbuttoned Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - back

I made a lot of fitting adjustments in the back, and I’m pretty proud of how it all came out.  You can see a bit of excess fabric in the shoulders, but I wanted the extra room for when I move my arms forward (you know, when blazers typically cut off the circulation in your arms and make you feel all stiff and uncomfortable).

Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - back with arms forward

It’s still a little tight when my arms are forward, as you can tell by the straining in the upper back area, but it’s way more roomy and comfortable than any RTW blazer I’ve ever owned.  I also let out the front armholes a bit to give me a little more wiggle room in this position.  I think next time I’ll make a pleat in the back lining to increase roominess even more.

Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - buttoned

All buttoned up!  I left the second button unbuttoned here since I don’t think I’ll use it much during actual wear.

Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - opened up with lining

Ooh la la!  Flashing the lining!  I really love how it came out, especially that pink stripe between the lining and the front facing.  And yes, I wore that pink tank top specifically to match the stripe.  : )

Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - popped collar

Popping the collar.  I’m not sure I have the attitude to wear it like this in public, but maybe one day if I’m feeling particularly awesome…

Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - back twist Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - with my face

Here’s my cheesy “smiling for the camera” face.  Ignoring the cheesiness, I just can’t get over how great I look in this blazer!!  Ahhh sewing euphoria!!

Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - lining front

And here’s the blazer inside out so you can see the lining.  I think it looks pretty professional, particularly the folded and pressed hems (see this post for close up photos).

Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - lining back Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - close up of lapels

This image shows the color really well, and you can also see how crisp the lapels came out.  Lots of interfacing in those babies!

Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - attitude poseAnd finally, a little attitude to finish things off.  : )

I really can’t describe how smug I’m feeling about this blazer!  I learned so much during the fitting and construction process, and I’m excited to tackle even more challenging projects in the future.  Maybe another blazer, this time with interior pockets and a back vent?  Maybe a nice wool with silk lining?  Oooh, I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it!

I hope you enjoyed following the progress of this project over the past month or so, and thanks for indulging me in all the photos today.  Now go make yourself a kick-ass blazer!!  : )

12 thoughts on “Blue polka dot blazer – finished!

  1. WOW Carolyn, seriously WOW. It is so flattering on you…totally lengthens you and fits perfectly!!! The construction is beautiful and I love that you piped the lining with that awesome hot pink! You seriously did such a wonderful job on this, I know it will get a tonne of wear. You look FABULOUS!!!!


    • Kat, thank you so much for your very kind words! : ) I definitely agree that it’s lengthening, and I’m so glad I wound up cutting the longer version. The shorter one just didn’t look right on me. I can’t wait until the weather cools down so I can actually wear this baby!!


  2. I saw your review (that’s one heck of terrific blazer) on the Pattern Review website and followed the link to your blog. I have to say I’ve spent a very enjoyable few evenings reading about your other projects. Look at you! From a tote bag to a magnificent blazer in about a year an a half. Your perseverance to working out your fitting issues is admirable and has led to such pretty dresses. I wish I had the same patience. Here’s a link to a lingerie supply website you might find useful ( I’ve ordered from her, but haven’t yet made anything (oops), but am all about enabling others. Looking forward to seeing your next project. Happy sewing,


    • Louise, thank you for your lovely comments! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my old posts, but I have to admit that I’m surprised you were able to tolerate my rambling for so long. 🙂 Sewing has really been such an enjoyable adventure so far, and there is always so much more to learn. Thank you for the lingerie link – hopefully we’ll both make something soon. Happy sewing to you too!


  3. Hi that jacket is so nice and the fit is fantastic .It has spurred me on to try something a little more complicated and out of my comfort zone.I enjoy your blog and wait your next adventure 🙂 x


  4. Yikes ….. what an eye-catching jacket and well done you for tackling such an involved project, it looks fabulous on you and emphasises your figure perfectly …. fine togs for a fine bod …. be very proud of yourself !!


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