Losing my Mood virginity

Mood bag with fabric

Oooh, what’s this?  A shiny bag of delicious fabric from Mood!  Squeal!!!!  : )  And even better, my first ever fabric purchase from Mood!  After about a year and a half of sewing, I was finally tempted by all the lusciousness (and huge selection) at this designer fabric mecca.  I tore open the box like it was on fire and proceeded to pet my new fabric like a crazy woman.  So sue me, I was excited.  : )

What’s funny is that I lived in the NYC area practically all of my life before moving to Boston, and I could have gone to Mood in person anytime I wanted.  Too bad I didn’t start sewing until after I moved!  Oh the humanity of it all!!  Le sigh.

Maroon and orange jerseyAnyway, I’ll take online shopping over nothing.  : )  For my first purchase, I picked up two pieces of medium weight cotton jersey in fall-themed colors: a deep burgundy (or is it maroon?) and a bright orange.  Not particularly exciting fabric choices, but since I’m not well versed in jersey, I wanted something simple (and not too expensive) to practice with.

The colors don’t go particularly well together, which is fine because I’m planning on making two separate garments.  Any guesses as to what this fabric will turn into?  : )

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