Sewing expedition to Portland, Maine

Invisible zipper foot

Don’t all vacations have to include a side trip to a sewing/fabric store?  : )  I was headed up to Portland, Maine with my boyfriend for a day trip this past Saturday, and somehow I convinced him to stop at a local sewing supply shop to pick up a long-awaited piece of equipment.  Are you sitting down for this?  I am now the proud owner of an invisible zipper foot!!  Ahhhhhhh!!!!  : )

It’s the Bernina invisible zipper foot #35, and I found it at the lovely South Portland Sewing Center.  The woman who helped me was one of the owners, and she was super friendly and knowledgeable.  She even showed me how to change out the foot on my machine… without me having to ask!  What great service!  I would highly recommend this shop if you ever find yourself in Portland.

Oddly enough, I got the following comment from her when I walked into the store (I was wearing my yellow polka dot dress): “Did you make your dress?  I knew it as soon as you walked in.  You definitely stand out… you’re in Maine now.”  I had told her that we were from Boston, and apparently folks in Maine don’t wear such brightly-colored clothing.  Can this be true?  I hope not!  LOL!

Invisible zipper foot - close up of grooves on bottom

I haven’t tried out my shiny new foot yet (or my new “clamp,” as my boyfriend calls it when he can’t remember the right name), but I’m excited to give it a try as soon as I get my hands on another invisible zipper.  The grooves on the bottom of the foot open up the zipper teeth, and the needle sews right next to the teeth.  I hear it makes a perfect invisible zipper every time!

By the way, has anyone else found it extremely difficult to buy Bernina presser feet?  Apparently you can’t buy them online (new ones, anyway) and have to go to an authorized Bernina dealer, and I’ve found that my local dealers generally aren’t open after work and on weekends.  Throw in the fact that the stores are in the suburbs and I don’t have a car, and well, I wound up going all the way to Maine to get this baby!

Carolyn eating mushrooms in yellow dress

In addition to getting my long-awaited foot, the rest of our day trip to Portland was just as delightful.  Here I am in my yellow dress enjoying a “wild and exotic mushroom tasting plate” at Fore Street.  Not only was it delicious, but since I work with fungi everyday in my lab, it was fun to run into some of my furry friends while on vacation.  Ha.  Portland also has a gorgeous waterfront area and some rocky beaches… but be warned, the water was FREEZING.  In August.  It’s cold up there!

Maggie lounging on top of dresserAny finally, in completely unrelated news, Maggie has defiantly begun sleeping on top of my dresser, where she knows she’s not allowed.  What a sneaky kitty.  Here she is, caught red-handed.  : )

Hope you’re all having a great week!  Do you always stop at fabric/sewing stores on your travels?

5 thoughts on “Sewing expedition to Portland, Maine

  1. Yes! I always stop at fabric stores while on vacation. In fact, fabric is the only souvenir I buy. That way, when I make the garment out of the souvenir fabric I can remember how much fun I had on the trip.


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