Blazin’ along with this blazer!

Blazer progress 2 - shell and lining completed

This project is moving right along!  I have a few more in-progress shots for you today, and, dare I say it, this baby is actually starting to look like a real blazer.  I’m totally psyched.  : )

Over the weekend I finished putting the lining pieces together, including setting in the sleeves and attaching the upper collar.  Look, I made 2 nearly identical jackets!  I love the look of a finished, fully lined garment, but it really is double the work.

Blazer progress 2 - front view

Tonight after work I attached the outer jacket to the lining along the front opening, lapels, and collar.  This was THE big step.  Now the lapels and collar are essentially complete (I’m still debating whether I should topstitch them for a little security), which marks my first ever notched collar.  Woo hoo!!

Blazer progress 2 - lapel and set-in sleeve

See how pretty the lapel looks?  It still needs a little more pressing, but you get the idea.  The image above also shows one of the outer set-in sleeves – not bad!  Not perfect, but not bad.  I have a little puffiness on each sleeve cap, but no tucks.  Full disclosure: I had to unpick and re-sew a handful of tucks, but they’re all gone now.

Blazer progress 2 - back of collar

The back of the collar looks cool as a cucumber.  : )  Loving it.

Blazer progress 2 - pink stripe on inside

Here’s a blurry shot of the pink stripe on the inside of the jacket.  Remember my cordless piping?  It’s working out pretty nicely, and I really love the little pop of color when you open up the jacket.  Since the lining is plain black, this blazer definitely needed a little something extra.

Blazer progress 2 - unfinished sleeve cuff

I hemmed the outer sleeve using a catch stitch, which is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. You really have to squint to see the stitches on the outside of the finished cuff.  I know the picture above is a little grainy so you might not be able to see the details very well, but hopefully you get the idea.  Small stitches in matching thread = nearly invisible hem.  Awesome.

I still have to hem and attach the lining cuff, which will include a 1/2″ fold to give the lining a little wiggle room during wear.  You know, just like a professional blazer.  : )

Blazer progress 2 -unfinished hem

The jacket hem will be finished the same way — catch stitching the outer fabric and creating the little fold with the lining.  Lots of hand-sewing in my future.

Blazer progress 2 - buttonsAnd… drumroll please…. I finally found buttons!  I went to at least four different stores looking for the perfect navy buttons, but alas, I didn’t quite find a perfectly matching set.  Why are navy buttons so hard to find?  I settled on 7/8″ blue/black buttons for the front of the jacket and 3/8″ navy buttons for the sleeve cuffs.  They don’t match, but whatever!!  No one will care, right?

Phew!!  So much blazer-ing going on in this apartment lately.  This project is such a marathon, but I’m so excited for the final result.  I just tried it on and couldn’t contain my excited giggling.  : )

4 thoughts on “Blazin’ along with this blazer!

  1. Your blazer is lookin’ awesome! Having a surprise inside – piping or a bright lining is always fun! I have to agree, finding the *right* buttons can sometimes take forever-especially when you’re on a roll…


    • Thanks so much, Ellen! Next time I definitely want to include a more exciting lining as well. Since this was my first attempt, I used an inexpensive polyester lining, but I think I can handle fancier fabric next time. : )


    • Hi Stephanie – I had a really hard time with the collar as well. There is so much ease built into the pattern – probably too much. My only piece of advice would be to avoid interfacing the seam allowances of the collar and everything else it gets sewn to, so the fabric can stretch a bit. This should make easing in the collar a bit easier, although there will still be a lot to ease. I remember *really* having to stretch out the neckline to get everything to fit. Be aggressive with it, and good luck!


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